You Text Everyone Else

“Just text me. Please don’t call me.”

How many times have you heard people say that? We’ve heard almost everyone we know express that opinion in some form over the years.

For whatever reason, no one likes talking on the phone anymore. Like moms trying to call their kids on Sunday afternoon, advancement has to adapt. You don’t have to abandon phone calls (just as our moms haven’t), but you do need to add texting to your repertoire.

Thanks to services like Hustle, you can do it without a backbreaking amount of work or coming off as spammy. Instead, your fundraising texts will come through with a friendly tone and relatable reason.

Plus…it works! At the Case District 1 conference a few weeks ago, St. Paul’s School, UMass Dartmouth, Williams College and Boston University presented results of their text-heavy efforts. And they’re really promising.

What stood out to us?

  • One person (whether staff member, volunteer or student) can talk to one thousand people in an hour
  • Less than 1% of people requested to be removed from future UMass Dartmouth communications
  • Boston University had a 15% engagement rate from texting efforts

There’s plenty more to dive into, so check out their presentation for more proof that you should add texting to your arsenal.

Check Out The Presentation

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