Emma, EverTrue and Easier Email Marketing

We’ve been counting down the days to this announcement for, well, we’ve kind of lost track. It’s been tough to bottle up our excitement for this long. But today’s the day we’ve been waiting for and so we are THRILLED to announce…

We are now integrated with Emma! It’s pretty cool!


Why do we think this is so great? Well there are lots of reasons. Emma has a ton of features you can use to improve your email marketing efforts. The fact that it’s an extremely alliterative integration didn’t hurt either.

What does it mean for you? Our goal with this integration is to make it easier than ever to create, build and foster deep connections with your donors and prospects. Emma already offers incredible tools for building and sending great emails. Now that we’re partnered, you can skip the hassle of downloading and uploading (plus all the confusion that comes with that) a bunch of spreadsheets between the two platforms.

Within a click or two, the data you’re already using in EverTrue will become the backbone of a new email campaign in Emma.

You’ve already got a bunch of good stuff stored in EverTrue. Like demographic data, giving history, engagement info and a whole lot more. Your gift officers are already using it to inform their conversations. Now you can zoom out a bit and scale your communications so they’re personal, targeted and efficient. In no time you’ll be creating touch points that truly connect with your constituents.  

Instead of getting bogged down in the logistics of making sure your lists are in the right place, you can focus on the important stuff: Creating engaging communications that will resonate with your alumni.

We’re excited to see what you’re able to do with it. (BTW – we also wrote about how to set up Emma and what exactly you can do with it.)

And if you’re not quite ready to leave yet, soak up all the excitement with this Very Official Press Release.

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