5 Fabulous EverTrue Searches for the End of the Annual Fund

It’s crunch time for our annual giving friends. We know you’re crunching numbers every day to see how you’re doing against your donor and dollar goals.

Never fear. We are here to help!

In this video, Courtney Camps, our VP of Customer Success, sets YOU up for success by sharing five must-see searches to help you hit those end-of-year goals.



Let’s make this even easier. Here are links to run those searches in EverTrue.

The Thinking-of-You-Non-Donors
See all the LYBUNTs who have interacted with you on Facebook in the last three months.

Data-Driven Hot Leads
Use the EverTrue Score to create better call lists. We’ll show you the prospects who are the most likely to give.

Non-Donor Event Attendees
Who came to an event this year but hasn’t made a gift?

Undiscovered Gold
Whose last gift was above $500 but hasn’t given this year?

Go, Team, Go!
Here’s a list of all your assigned prospects who haven’t made a gift this year.

We’ve got the recipes to get you started. Add filters to narrow down those searches, then bring in those donors!

If you want more great end-of-year annual fund ideas, we’ve got you covered.

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