EverTrue & Graduway: Announcing Our Strategic Partnership



Today’s a big day. We’re announcing a new partnership with Graduway, as our companies have teamed up to bring alumni relations and development closer together than ever before.

As two of the most innovative leaders in the advancement technology sector, we are committed to closely collaborating to better support our mutual customers and prospective customers.

In concert with this announcement, we’re building a new integration that will send engagement data from Graduway into EverTrue. For alumni relations leaders, this means you’ll quickly measure the results of your work and identify new volunteers and social ambassadors. And for fundraising leaders, this gives you more information about how your most-connected alumni are engaging with your institution.

We’re doubling down on the future

As we’ve grown, we’ve always looked to customers for guidance. Your feedback helped us launch the EverTrue platform — which took the user-friendly technology powering Alumni Community and added giving history, capacity indicators, and engagement information to give fundraisers powerful tools to understand every donor, build lists and audience segments, find new prospects, and manage portfolios.

We will continue to add new integrations and build tools to support your ability to strengthen relationships with current and prospective supporters. With EverTrue, you get more actionable information about every prospect and donor than anywhere else. And you can do that with the industry’s most user-friendly, mobile tools.

(Tipping our hand here… but we have a couple big announcements coming soon that you’re going to absolutely love!)

Change is coming for Alumni Community

With the launch of this partnership, we will transition all current Alumni Community customers to Graduway’s directory and mentorship platform by August 15.

We didn’t reach this decision lightly. Alumni Community launched our now-nine-year journey to help advancement teams build relationships in pursuit of a better world. For hundreds of customers, our alumni directory was your first introduction to EverTrue and we wouldn’t be here without you and your support. We remain focused on delivering the most powerful, mobile-friendly tools for turning engagement into fundraising opportunities.

We chose to partner with Graduway because they offer the most established, full-featured alternative to Alumni Community. With Graduway, your alumni will enjoy the mobile-friendly directory you’ve come to love from EverTrue while also tapping into the power of the graduate network with access to its mentorship platform.

In the next few days, we’ll introduce you to your new contacts at Graduway and start working on a plan to shift your directory to their platform by August 15.

Your Customer Success Manager will be in touch to talk about next steps or you can contact us directly at success@evertrue.com.

Let’s talk about the future of alumni relations and development

Join this can’t-miss conversation between Brent Grinna, our founder and CEO, Daniel Cohen, founder and CEO of Graduway, and James Stofen, VP of Alumni Relations at Tulane University (a mutual customer and one of the colleges leading the charge in using new technology to effectively engage alumni).

We’ll talk about adding value to the alumni experience, measuring engagement, and connecting alumni relations to development as we all work together to build meaningful relationships to support the institutions we love.


We’re also talking to every Alumni Community customer, so if you don’t hear from us soon, please reach out: success@evertrue.com.

This is a big change for all of us. But we’re confident that this means really good things in the days ahead for EverTrue, Graduway, and — most importantly — you and the alumni you represent.

And that’s a pretty sweet combination.

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