Could Content Strategy Really Be This Simple?

Content strategy, and content in general, can be a complicated thing.  There are lots of moving parts, tons of personas to address and unlimited ways for things to take shape.

When you’re really caught up in the weeds, you can sometimes lose sight of the end game. Thankfully Patrick Hewitt, Vice President for Advancement at Catholic Charities, is here to remind us how simple it can be.

Can you distill your content strategy down to a one-minute pitch like Patrick did? It might not be as hard as you think. And if you don’t yet have a content strategy, even better: he basically lays it out. It’s as easy as one, two, three. Alright, maybe four, five, too, but that’s it, we promise.

Patrick provides a great backbone for your content strategy. You can build from there, but honestly, if you stick with this version, you’d be doing just fine for yourself.

Once you’ve got a structure in place, the next logical question is where to start. Some departments have already realized the value of content and fully bought in (though there’s always room for improvement) but others are staring at a great opportunity.

Do you agree with Patrick? Why or why not? Tell us a little about your organization’s approach to content in the comments.

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