Introducing TrueView by EverTrue: The Ultimate Donor Profile

Oh, it’s a beautiful day at EverTrue! TrueView insights are now available on all EverTrue profiles. We’re giving every fundraiser the complete picture — nay, the true view — of your prospects and donors by providing new information including interests, career information, addresses, contact info, social profiles, and more.

This is big news because we live and work in a world that’s customer-focused.

We’re big fans of JetBlue, for example. They offer a ton of direct flights into and out of our Boston home, so there’s a bunch of us in the EverCrew who’ve achieved Mosaic status as we fly around the country.

JetBlue greets Mosaic members by name and let us board early. Even as just a regular-old member of TrueBlue, their frequent flyer program, JetBlue has given me free drinks on my birthday and regularly sends me information on flights to Buffalo and Nashville — places I travel the most.

From their email communication to free beverages to offering easy bag checks to traveling parents, everything JetBlue does comes with their customers’ needs and interests in mind.

This flows out of a huge shift we’ve seen in how customers relate to brands and how these organizations treat their fans.

Just look at recent billion-dollar IPOs: Companies like Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, Instacart, SmileDirectClub, and BlueApron have achieved unicorn status by giving their users what they want when they want it. Convenience and a complete focus on meeting their user’s interests and needs helped them win.

At the same time, brick and mortar retail, grocery stores, and taxis are in decline. These old-school organizations were either unable or unwilling to change and they’ve suffered as a result. Goodbye ToysRUs, Sears, and your neighborhood cabbie.

79% of U.S. consumers aged 18-65 say brands must actively demonstrate “they understand and care about me” before a consumer will consider making a purchase.


With dozens of colleges closing and consolidating (with hundreds more in danger of doing so) and more competition than ever for declining philanthropic dollars, fundraising needs to evolve to meet changing donor expectations.

In short, how do we deliver a JetBlue like experience to every donor? I mean, getting Mosaic status requires spending about $7,500 in flights a year and you receive personal touches and meaningful perks that $7,500 annual donors never experience. And those benefits keep the EverCrew flying JetBlue pretty much everywhere we go.

Delivering a personal, customized experience gets easier the more you know about the people you’re trying to reach.

And that starts with having the right information at your fingertips.

Which brings us back to TrueView! 

With TrueView, we’re taking your carefully curated constituent information and connecting it to your constituents’ digital footprints, giving you an always-fresh, always up-to-date profile.


Your data + new insights = the TrueView of every donor.


We’re feeding in more insights so you can understand more about your prospects’ interests and engagement, including capacity indicators like new sources of job information and home values. This is merely round one… we’re going to keep adding new sources of information with wealth and financial information coming soon. And we’ll also introduce an add-on to let you export all of this information on a regular basis.

Always fresh, always up-to-date information. What could be better?

As of today (!!!), all of these new insights now live on the Enrichment tab in EverTrue profiles. When fundraisers combine that information with how your audience is engaging with you, our machine-learning donor scores, or past giving, they unlock the TrueView into that person’s interests, giving potential, and if the time is right to make an ask.

With real insights, you can take real action.

Read more about TrueView in today’s press release, watch Joshua’s walkthrough of new features below (with more to come!), or see it in action for yourself.

This is where our industry is going. We’re no longer reliant on static profiles or printed constituent records. Now development officers can open their iPhone before a meeting and see, in real-time, how that prospect is engaging with us,” said Chris Campbell, Senior Associate Vice President of Information Strategy at the Oklahoma State University Foundation. “We’ve wanted to focus on connecting with our donors’ passions and now we’re able to do that in new ways. This has the potential to open the doors for major gifts, annual giving, and alumni relations as we try to engage our constituents in ways that add meaning for their lives and for Oklahoma State University.”

Interested in seeing more? Request a demo today

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