Announcing EverTrue’s 40 Under 40 List!


Waaaaaaaayyyyyyy back in the spring (which feels like years ago, tbh), we put out the call to find the best and brightest young minds working in advancement today. The idea was pretty simple: To create a 40 Under 40 list dedicated specifically to fundraisers.  

And, well, wow. Did you all deliver. We got SO MANY incredible nominees. In retrospect, it’s entirely possible that we didn’t properly prepare our judges for what a difficult task they were getting themselves into. Because we easily could’ve created two or even three lists. But alliteration dictated that we stick to 40. 

We are beyond excited to announce the winners today. Right here, right now. It’s our first ever 40 Under 40 list, and, at least in our opinion, it’s full of some of the brightest, most exciting fundraisers out there. 

Check it out to learn more about our process and, much more importantly, what sets each and every member of the list apart from the pack.

(And if you’re interested in the super official press release, you can check that out here.)

EverTrue's 2019 40 Under 40 Winners

Cutler Andrews, Emory University
Kim Arredondo, Ransom Everglades
Erica Arroyo, Univ. of Miami
Marianna Barry Boyd, Tulane University
Ashley Budd, Cornell University
Martha Callaghan, Univ. of Richmond
Christopher Campbell, Oklahoma State
Adam Compton, North Carolina State
Meggie Cramer, Rush University
Laura Day, Williams College
Anne Dean, George Washington Univ.
Sean Devendorf, Tufts University
Jennifer Doak-Mathewson, UConn
Marie Duncan, Univ. of Idaho
Nic Emery, Salisbury School
Matthew Ewing, California Polytechnic Univ.
Adam Fentress, Univ. of Virginia
Nick Fulton, Rams Club, UNC, Chapel Hill
Ciara Ginyard, Alpha Omega Epsilon
Christen Gowan, Union College
John Grice, Univ. of Wisconsin
Eric Holderness, Kansas State Univ.
Shannon Hood Smith, UNC, Chapel Hill
Kim Infanti, Syracuse University
Caitlin James, Davidson College
Allison Kerivan, Bentley Univ.
Scott Kleinheksel, Whitman College
James A. Knapp, Cushman School
Kirsten Lundeen, Boston University
Blake MacIver, UNC Systems
Deidra Miles, UMass Lowell
Tim Murray, Yale School of Management
Sarah Myksin, DePaul University
Melinda C. Phillips, Vanderbilt University
Kaitlin Provost, Cornell University
Stephanie Quinn, Spaulding Rehab Hospital
Hilary Rouse, Concord Academy
Kyle Vaughn, Ashland University
Aric Walton, Bowdoin College
Carly Welter, Dartmouth College
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