Where RAISE2019 Lives Forever

The comedown from a conference is never easy. There are notes to parse, ideas to pitch to your team and, more often than not, a lot of wondering if you’re even remembering it all correctly.

And if you couldn’t make it to the conference at all, you’ll wonder about all the great ideas you missed.

Well we’re taking care of all those issues in one fell swoop. You can now watch or rewatch all of the main-stage sessions and a few of the breakouts anytime you want. That’s right: This time around, RAISE2019 happens on your schedule. Watch it on your lunch break. At home on your couch. On your commute to work. Honestly, wherever you want.

Watch every RAISE2019 session right here.

(And also at the bottom of this very blog post.)

Now the question becomes where to begin. Our recap is a good place to start, as is this breakdown of EverTrue CEO Brent Grinna’s kickoff keynote.

Here are a few other sessions people couldn’t stop talking about:

  • Kansas State’s John Morris dissecting the crossroads facing fundraising and how his team is taking the road less traveled
  • Lovepop CEO Wombi Rose on why creating unique experiences has an outsized impact
  • Sales expert Pat Griffin explains that pipeline is the most important thing you could possibly measure
  • University of Iowa goes deep on a different approach to prospect development

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Grab some popcorn and dive in.

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