We’ll Have You Planning the Best Trips of Your Career

Whoever said the journey is the destination has never gotten off a 24-hour flight and gone straight to enjoy a mai thai at a beach bar in Indonesia. If they had, they’d know the destination is the destination.

That’s a very wanderlust-y version of saying, we know trip logistics can get in the way of gift officer travel. But they shouldn’t slow you down. With the right technology and a little know how, you can quickly and easily plan prospecting trips then get busy enjoying those drinks…err…gift solicitations. 

Our EverTrue 201 will give you that know how. Leah walks you through everything you need to know about planning gift officer travel. It will be well worth an hour of your time. How can we be sure? Gift officers at Auburn University estimate that they save between three and four hours per trip by using EverTrue. With 20 trips a year, they get back two full weeks every year. Giving up one hour for a two week return is a steal.

But how exactly are they saving all that time?

By avoiding these common headaches. By taking a smarter approach to planning. By focusing on data points above all else.

Watch now:

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