New Goodies for TrueView Profiles (the First and Only Continually Updated Constituent Record) and Changes to Career Insights in EverTrue 

This past summer, we introduced TrueView — the advancement industry’s first continually updated profile. We take your carefully curated constituent data and add a steady stream of engagement insights and brand-new, enriched information. (It’s pretty much the best thing ever.)

With TrueView, teams have access to prospects’ top interests, social media profiles, and new sources of job titles, companies, and updated locations. All of this helps advancement shops connect with the right prospects and make the right ask at the right time.

Since launching TrueView, we’ve more than doubled the number of matched profiles as we give advancement teams new information about millions of constituents.

When we announced TrueView, we also let your team know two things: We’ll keep adding new sources of information and we’re shifting from LinkedIn as the only source of new career information in EverTrue.

We love LinkedIn. We’re on it all the time. It’s fundamentally changed how alumni network and connect with each other. And for a long time, LinkedIn was the only source of up-to-date career data. But that’s no longer the case as many third-party sources have invested time and technology to deliver accurate career information.

So with TrueView, we’ve added new sources for delivering critical data like job titles, companies, and location information. We’ve worked hard to increase automatic profile matches so we can deliver as much career information as ever — with still more to come.

Next week, we’re rolling out some changes to how users search for updated companies and job titles and where career information lives on TrueView profiles.

If you’re an EverTrue user, log in here and we’ll walk you through these updates.

This shift to new sources of career information allows us to do the things that you, our customers, have always asked about. We’re now able to add new features like exports (more below!) while preserving and expanding the access to career information you’ve come to love in EverTrue.


What TrueView brings to the table

A list of interests on a TrueView Profile
A sample of interests from a TrueView profile

We know how critical updated information is to your work, which is why we’re continuing to bring new, third-party sources of job information into EverTrue, so you can still identify alumni and prospects by high job titles and by company.

When we’ve matched an EverTrue profile to that person’s digital footprint, you’ll see updated career information on the Enrichment tab. (See below.)

This tab includes job information, social profiles, interests, Zillow Zestimates and more, giving you the true view of that person, their passions, and their capacity.

You can search all of that career information using our filters, build lists, and save automatically updated, always running search segments.


NEW: Export enriched data from EverTrue

We’ve introduced a new premium offering, allowing teams to export this always-fresh career information along with all of the enriched data you get from TrueView profiles (including social handles, location, interests, and more). This has always been a highly requested feature, but one we couldn’t offer under our agreement with LinkedIn.

Now we can! And we’re pumped about it. Click here to chat with us — we’d be happy to share more information.

Before/after example of TrueView data

NEW to TrueView: Multi-million net worth households

We’re going to talk a lot more about this soon, but thanks to a brand-new partnership with our friends at Windfall, we are bringing net worth data into EverTrue for households worth $1M+. 

Our integration with Windfall delivers insights to our platform on an ongoing basis for your entire database, letting you easily stay on top of your prospects with the most giving capacity.

Want to learn about this new partnership (before our super-official, make-it-official press release goes out)? We can do that. Let’s chat!

Sample Windfall alert for new high net worth prospects

NEW: Ongoing improvements to TrueView

Since we introduced TrueView insights, we’ve more than doubled the number of EverTrue profiles who have new and continually updated information. And we’re continuing to enhance our matching algorithms to make sure you’re working with the most accurate data possible.

In the coming weeks, you’ll hear more about new integrations that will keep giving you access to the most accurate, most up-to-date information.

We’re working to add verified job changes and contact information uplift like new addresses, emails, and phone numbers to both TrueView profiles and exports, so keep your eye out for these updates early next year.

And we’ll keep improving our match rates, giving you access to records that are always fresh and up-to-date every time you use EverTrue.

Example of a profile enriched with TrueView data. Handsome fella, amIright?

In Conclusion…

Jump into EverTrue, open up a profile, check out the enrichment tab and start thinking about how you can use that information to fuel fundraising.

Use job titles to find new, high-capacity prospects.

Tap into interests for better segmentation and personalized outreach to potential donors.

Leverage the social profile information to recruit new ambassadors and advocates.

Combine information into saved segments for automatic notifications of new leadership and major gift leads.

That’s just the start. There’s so much you can do.

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