Digital Gift Officer Playbook: Your Roadmap to Starting and Running a Successful DGO Program

We’re so excited to share our brand new playbook designed to help you get a successful Digital Gift Officer Program up and running. You’ve heard us talk about Digital Gift Officers on the RAISE podcast, in a recent webinar, and on the blog. We’ve been all over it. 

If you haven’t already thought about bringing a DGO program to your institution, we’re here to tell you that it’s time. Here’s why:

  • 9% of your connected alumni are only interacting digitally. They’re engaged, but not yet giving, volunteering, or attending events.
  • 43% of the average institution’s high-capacity, digitally engaged donors remain unassigned even after giving at leadership levels. 
  • 65% of mid-level donors churn (gave last year, but won’t give again this year).
  • Donor counts have dropped by 33% in the last 15 years. We’re nurturing our major donors better than ever, but what about the other 95% of constituents?

We’ve also been talking about the giving funnel and flipping the pyramid for a while now, so here’s where it all connects. Digital Gift Officers are the key to targeting the missing middle of your giving pyramid and building a strong pipeline to keep your institution’s fundraising goals sustainable over the long term. 

Maybe we’re crazy, but we think mid-level donors should be getting unique, personalized experiences that will help them convert into major gift donors down the line. Even retaining existing mid-level donors could earn your institution $1.75 million this year. 

This DGO playbook will walk you through what exactly Digital Gift Officers do, how to get started with hiring your own DGOs, and some tried and true steps to make sure you’re successful.

Download the playbook:

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