EverTrue & Windfall Partnership: We’ll show you your best affluent prospects

We’re announcing a partnership and dropping net worth calculations into TrueView profiles along with a ton of capacity indicators and donor interests, helping you put the best potential donors in front of your fundraisers


We love the team at Windfall. So much so that we’re announcing a brand new partnership. This is like making our BFF status official (and you can read the press release to prove it).

Windfall does an amazing job finding your most affluent constituents by using a mix of data science, fresh integrations, and previously untapped sources to deliver accurate net worth estimates for $1MM+ households.

And, like us, they believe advancement teams have the right to receive new insights for every possible constituent as often as possible.


Now in EverTrue: Household Net Worth

So we’re unveiling a new premium feature that brings Windfall’s net worth scores and dozens of unique wealth indicators to our TrueView profiles — advancement’s first and only continually updated constituent record. 

This means EverTrue users can add household net worth to current Facebook engagement, past giving, personal interests, job titles, or any of 80+ searchable insights in EverTrue.

Then y’all can save those searches to get automatic alerts as new high-capacity prospects meet the criteria, delivering ongoing streams of pre-qualified prospects to prospect researchers and major gift officers.


Windfall Net Worth Filters
A sample search featuring net worth information.


We’ve done the math, and so far, we’ve revealed more than 2,000 engaged, unassigned high net-worth prospects for each customer in our early trials. That represents millions of dollars in potential pipeline since the prospects who interact with you on Facebook are 3.4 times more likely to become donors.


Always Up-to-date Wealth Information

Every month, we’ll feed new information from Windfall into EverTrue as you enjoy the benefits of screening your entire database and staying on top of ever-changing wealth insights.

Plus you’ll have access to wealth and interest indicators like business ownership, airplane or boat registrations, multiple homes, philanthropic giving, and more as Windfall sends insights into EverTrue.

Sample profile featuring Windfall net worth and wealth indicators


No Work Required

And the best part?

(You know, other than knowing who your best prospects are, where their wealth lies, what they care about, and their engagement levels?)

We handle the integration for you, directly, no data ingestion needed.

Flip a switch. *Boom.* It’s done!

And you can export all that data from EverTrue, too.


Let’s Make it Rain Prospects, Pipeline, and New Donors

It’s time to activate this new feature and bring net worth and more to your team’s TrueView profiles.

We’re ready to chat about adding Windfall to your existing EverTrue contract. Let’s talk!


Learn About the Power of Net Worth + Engagement

Using Windfall and EverTrue, The New School has identified 1,300 prospects from million-dollar households who are actively engaging with them on Facebook, creating a list of prospects who are already moving through their Giving Funnel and feeding major gift pipeline.

“Having Windfall’s net worth calculations, EverTrue’s engagement insights, and giving information all in one place makes prospect analysis and discovery much easier,” Ryan Bagley, AVP of University Development and Alumni Relations at The New School, said.

“It fills a gap for us as we work to grow the number of major gift donors. With Windfall and EverTrue, we’ve gone from 8,000 rated prospects to more than 38,000. Our team is prioritizing personal outreach and stewardship to the ones who are already giving, interacting with us online, or attending events. This week alone, EverTrue alerted me to 53 new prospects with high net worth scores who are unassigned donors.

We’re talking about why net worth is the best way to calculate wealth, how to put your best prospects on the radar, and strategies to engage these fresh potential donors in an upcoming joint webinar on January 8 at 2 p.m. ET.

It’s gonna be great!


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