3 Surprising Stats About Major Gift Officers

Let’s change these statistics and reverse these trends!

One out of every three fundraisers spends less than 60% of their time actually, you know, fundraising.


They’re stuck wading through spreadsheets, buried in reams of paper, and juggling three-ring binders. And while they’re doing all that, they’re losing focus, missing new prospects, and overlooking the needs of the people currently in their portfolio.

That leads to other not-so-hot stats like…

At EverTrue, we believe we can do better.

So we’re pumped to announce the launch of a completely upgraded Relationship Management platform, which lets gift officers cut through the noise and focus on fundraising.

Here’s What’s New…

We’ve made it easier than ever to manage portfolios, giving gift officers clear visibility of every assignment, drag-and-drop stage management, and the ability to create, manage, and search through gift proposals right in EverTrue.

Then we took it to the next level by adding in gift notifications, letting users flag key prospects, and work together on joint assignments.

Stop using sticky notes, spreadsheets, and hard-to-use CRM screens to manage your portfolio.

Teams & Stages
For managers, you can now organize your frontline fundraisers into teams and customize stages as they work together on a campaign, project, or region.

Go crazy. Create a team for every department. Pop in one for your leadership giving officers, one for your regional team, and one for that silent-phase capital project that needs an immediate pipeline.
We’ll give you a crystal clear picture of how every fundraiser on your team is moving toward these shared goals.

Take the Guesswork Out of Fundraising
Meaningful activity generates meaningful results.

We’ve introduced Launchpad to EverTrue. Think of it as a gift officer’s new home base or a virtual guide where they can track progress against goals for interactions, visits, and proposals to keep on moving that needle.

Coming soon — we’ll also point out prospects who need some TLC, help plan your upcoming trips, automatically spotlight the best, unassigned prospects, move proposals forward, manage daily tasks, and more.

We’re on a mission to discover more prospects, book more meetings, and close more gifts.

With EverTrue’s Relationship Management Platform, it’s never been easier to cut through the noise and focus on fundraising.

Want an in-depth tour of everything new? We’d love to show you in a live, 9-minute tour.

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