Webinar: Managing Remote Gift Officers with UC Berkeley

In the last year, UC Berkeley has expanded its roster of remote major gift officers living on both coasts. With a team of a half-dozen fundraisers located in Southern California and now three on the East Coast, Berkeley has been able to reach more prospects with greater results. In FY19, the team solicited 49% more dollars, closed 44% more gifts, and made 67% more prospect visits (along with decreasing its travel costs by nearly a third). With just a few months left in FY20, they’re on track for another 40% increase in dollars. 

On Wednesday, February 19th at 2pm ET we’ll sit down with Jason Smith, Executive Director of Major Gifts at the University of California-Berkeley. He’ll discuss:

  • Why Berkeley has made the shift to remotely based fundraisers
  • The benefits of embedding gift officers in local communities 
  • What this means in terms of talent retention, cost reduction, prospect discovery, and maximizing resources.
  • How to build a program of your own 

Learn what it takes to manage a team of remote gift officers, the challenges such organizations face, and how to maximize your own productivity as a remote worker.

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