How prospect development should handle the COVID-19 pandemic and a stock market in flux

Our live Q&A series continues with a discussion on the stock market and how prospect development and research should handle the COVID-19 pandemic. On Tuesday, March 31st at 3pm ET, we’ll hear from:

  • Julie Craig, Sr. Director of Prospect Analytics & Research, Kansas State University Foundation
  • Dan Stevens, Co-founder, Windfall Data
  • Brent Grinna, CEO, EverTrue
Catch the recap here

Interested in attending other live Q&As? We’ve been hosting chats with guests like Lynne Wester, the Donor Guru and Josh Newton, SVP of Advancement at Emory. You can add the full series to your calendar to be automatically updated on new events.

Here’s EverTrue’s take on the novel coronavirus pandemic and its impact on advancement: We don’t have all the answers, but we’re going to learn from each other and share best practices for remote fundraising, working from home, and handling uncertainty. Bookmark this page and subscribe for ongoing updates.

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