EverTrue + GiveCampus join forces to make the giving experience better for every donor

GiveCampus is now our exclusive partner for online giving. Jump down to the news.

First, let’s talk about shoes for a minute.

A while back, everyone at EverTrue started wearing these wool sneakers around the office. People loved their cushiness — like walking on pillows. They were versatile — great for wearing to a business meeting or walking across town. And they were washable, so if they got dirty, you could just toss them in the washing machine, no problem. Soon almost everyone on the team was wearing them, showing off new designs and colors.

We had become huge fans of the wool runners made by Allbirds.

I checked them out online. Soon ads for Allbirds were all over my social media feed.

Allbirds Facebook Ad

They knew I was searching their site. They’d engaged me. I was a potential buyer.

So I started seeing more ads. And the more I clicked on them, the more they showed them to me and they also started to show me the pairs that I’d looked at or similar styles.

So when the time came to buy a new pair of shoes, I bought Allbirds. The decision was practically made for me.

This is the Marketing Funnel. It’s the same experience we should give our donors.

We have to create great experiences — whether it’s a video, an event, or a social post — to engage our alumni.

Then we need to combine engagement insights with other data to qualify that person and assign them the next step. Do they have the right mix of wealth and interest indicators to be a major gift prospect? Should they receive a targeted annual fund appeal?

Then it’s about making an ask that matches that person’s engagement level, financial picture, and interests.

When you do that, you create stronger, more personal relationships with every donor. You’ve activated the Giving Funnel. Engaged donors give to areas that matter to them. It feels like a custom experience. And that makes donor retention simple to start the cycle all over again.

Want to learn more about taking a Giving Funnel approach? We put together this playbook.

The EverTrue & GiveCampus Online Giving Partnership

Today, we’re announcing that GiveCampus has become our exclusive partner for online giving. It’s a partnership that will help bring a Giving Funnel approach to every advancement team.

With EverTrue, it’s easy to identify and track meaningful engagement, quickly qualify potential donors and their interests, and build lists for your next appeal.

With GiveCampus, you can custom-build giving pages in seconds so that every one of your annual fund appeals has a dedicated, customized giving form to make giving an easy, joyful experience for your donors. You’ll also make online giving easier for your advancement team with the powerful features GiveCampus built specifically for educational fundraising.

Done right, you’ll deliver the best giving experience ever.

Why recommend GiveCampus for online giving?

We’re expanding our suite of partnerships to deliver even more information about every alumni, parent, and friend to higher ed advancement teams. GiveCampus is now EverTrue’s exclusive partner for online giving and joins the EverTrue partner ecosystem which includes Facebook, Eventbrite, Windfall, Thankview, Graduway, Emma, Hustle, and others… with even more to come!

We’ve worked in the advancement industry for a long time and we’ve found that the best tech solutions for higher ed and independent schools don’t come from all-in-one platforms. Advancement teams should get to use the best possible technology to deliver great experiences.

GiveCampus is trusted by nearly 1,000 colleges, universities, and K-12 schools around the country, and we believe that they offer the most innovative and advanced online giving technology and world-class support. Like us, they are a mission-driven enterprise: their goal is to help fundraisers like you advance the quality, the affordability, and the accessibility of education.

We’re excited for this partnership and to work more closely with our new friends at GiveCampus and you. If you’re interested in using GiveCampus for online giving, just let us know. We’d be happy to connect you.

If you’re using EverTrue giving pages now…

We’ve always been mobile-first as a company. And we were one of the first to offer truly mobile giving pages. Some teams have used our giving pages for years to deliver a custom experience for donors.

But all-in-one solutions aren’t the right solution for higher ed. Your team should get to use the best event, email, and giving solutions. At EverTrue, we partner with the industry’s leading software so you can do just that.

So if you’re using our giving pages now, you’ve already heard from our team about transitioning your pages to GiveCampus’s giving forms. We’ll keep supporting your pages until the end of September (if needed) as you transition to their platform.

As you do, we’ve built EverTrue searches to help you connect with your most engaged, most likely-to give donors.

These are the non-donors to prioritize as you head into the end of the fiscal year. Use their engagement to trigger outreach that feels personal, authentic, and meaningful.

Thanks for working with us!

It’s a privilege to be on this journey with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas and feedback as we all work together to build relationships in pursuit of a better world.

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