What are your bright spots for RAISE 2020?

It’s RAISE week!!

We all know that 2020 has been a year unlike any other. We’ve all been challenged as professionals and as human beings to do our best and be our best in the midst of constant uncertainty. Here at EverTrue, we always make a point to share our bright spots and good vibes across the team to lift spirits and celebrate together, even when things aren’t going the way we planned. 

Now, we want to share this tradition with you! What have your bright spots of 2020 been? Have you been able to be outside more than usual? Had more quality time with you kids? Or your parents? Have you used your commute time to read a bunch of books, catch up on podcasts, or learn a new skill?

We want to hear from YOU!

What good vibes are you bringing to RAISE?

Share your bright spots of 2020 for a chance to win a sweet treat!

What are your bright spots of 2020? Respond to Brent and Caroline by sharing a video or photo of your own on social media! Tag EverTrue and #SummerofRAISE for a prize and a chance to win a bundle of sweet summer treats.

Most importantly, be sure to tune in live Thursday, July 30th from 2 – 4 PM Eastern for our live launch party!

Need some inspiration for your bright spot video? Check out some of our favorites from the EverCrew.

Where are you tuning into RAISE from?

Mike's Hammock

Mike is constantly the envy of the city-dwelling members of the EverCrew. He heads up the EverTrue New Hampshire office and does his best brainstorming in this hammock in his back yard. 

Mike will be on screen for RAISE, but if he wasn’t, he’d definitely be tuning in from the great outdoors.

Laura's Summer by the Sea

EverTrue’s Art Director, Laura Austin, says her bright spot is taking advantage of her usual time spent commuting by taking plenty of walks on the beach and enjoying the summer with her kids. In EverTrue swag, of course!

Will your team be celebrating the Summer of RAISE?

Thank you to our RAISE 2020 sponsors!

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