Introducing EverTrue Premier: A New Service to Build and Manage Digital Gift Officer Programs to Retain Donors

Did you know that only 2.8% of your alumni are assigned to a major gift officer? And only half of those people actually had a conversation with your team last year. That means that 98.5% of your donors do not have a personal, 1:1 experience with your institution, and 96% of constituents with $1M+ net worth are unassigned. That’s a lot of ignored opportunity.

What if we changed that? What if we focused on building relationships with thousands of your best prospects who aren’t yet in major gift portfolios and haven’t received one-on-one experiences from your institution? You’d retain more donors, find more major gift prospects, raise more money, and create thousands of happier alumni.

That’s why we’re introducing EverTrue Premier, a brand-new fundraising program for advancement teams that are ready to choose a better way to raise and deliver a personal donor experience to thousands of people. We’ll partner with your teams to build and scale a Donor Experience Program. 

EverTrue Premier has 3 components:

  • Data: We show you your best overlooked donors — everyone who’s wealthy, already giving, and what they care about most.
  • Software: Our technology lets fundraisers manage portfolios of 1,000 or more prospects and build personal, one-on-one relationships with every single person.
  • Strategy: We work alongside your team, share your goals, and deliver ongoing coaching so your fundraisers keep connecting with prospects to retain and grow their giving.

Institutions like Oregon State University Foundation, Western Kentucky University, Emory University, Louisiana Tech University, and Boise State University have all partnered with EverTrue to change the way they approach donor relationships. In just six months, the Oregon State University DXOs retained donors at a rate 30.6% higher than OSU’s average, all while in the midst of a global pandemic.

With EverTrue Premier, you can reach more donors and create better relationships.

Interested in learning more?

Mark Koenig, CIO and VP of Technology at the Oregon State University Foundation and Heather Rapp, current OSU DXO, shared the current status of their program. (If you’re wondering why he’s in a pool – check out the rest of RAISE 2020.)

We built an ROI guide to help you calculate the dollars and donors you’re missing without a DXO program. Want to see those numbers customized to your institution? Shoot us a note and we’ll gladly set up time.

Read our official press release here.

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