RAISE Podcast Roundup – January 2021

RAISE Podcast Roundup - Jan 2021

New year, new podcast episodes! 

While we all settle into a new routine in 2021, the RAISE Podcast has been cranking out regular episodes. Here are some that you might have missed…

“There are things that you can do effectively in alumni engagement, even if you yourself are not a product of that institution, because there are some things that work at many or most places.”

For the 50th (!!!) episode of the RAISE Podcast, Brent was joined by Andy Shaindlin, VP for Alumni Relations at Brown. Andy is an extraordinarily well-connected advancement leader and shares stories from his career serving different alumni communities, launching Alumni Futures, and exploring a career as a consultant. 

Tune in to hear his stories from throughout the years, and his ideas about where the industry is headed in this increasingly digital world.

“There’s this profound opportunity to rethink the entire business. If people take the time to say, ‘What were the lessons over the last 12 months? Let’s take these lessons we got and let’s build on them.’”’ 

Kris Gulick Schaefer has had the unique opportunity to live on 12 different college campuses around the country throughout her life and career. The daughter of a college president, she was quite literally born into the higher education industry. On this episode, she shares stories of her most memorable learning experiences and what led her to launch her own fundraising consulting and coaching business that helps all kinds of institutions tackle today’s toughest challenges.

Tune in to hear more about Kris’s journey from the University of Vermont, to Texas Christian University, to Simmons College, and finally to MIT Sloan School of Management, before charting her own path as a consultant.

“We continue to look forward and learn how we could do better, with what we’ve already learned and make giving a much more interactive experience at not just the highest levels, but at every level.” 

On this episode of the RAISE Podcast, Brent is joined by Brooks Hull, Vice President for University Advancement at Louisiana Tech University. Brent and Brooks talk through a variety of topics, including LA Tech’s Donor Experience program, Brooks’ experience finding and being a mentor to peers, and his motivations and passions as an advancement leader. 

Tune in to this conversation for a dose of inspiration and a reminder of why we do what we do. 

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