Meet Our Donor Experience Program Managers: Maureen

Donor Experience Programs by EverTrue are changing the game in shops all over the country, letting you manage thousands of your best, overlooked prospects. What’s our secret ingredient? Our Donor Experience Program Managers. 

DXPMs are by your side from day one, helping to build out your team, mentoring new Donor Experience Officers (DXOs), and providing nuanced data-driven reporting to keep your program on track. 

Get to know our DX experts, how they got into fundraising, what a typical day is like, and why they’re so excited about the future of advancement.

Your name: Maureen Camerato

Location: Malden, Massachusetts

Alma Mater: Emerson College

Who would play you in a movie? Drew Barrymore

Maureen Camerato
Drew Barrymore
...also Maureen?

What is your favorite part of working at EverTrue? The people! Onboarding during the pandemic with everyone working remotely could have been very isolating but it wasn’t like that at all. It was clear to me from the start that EverTrue has invested in creating a welcoming environment for new employees, from bi-weekly “Ask Me Anything” sessions with Brent, to so many active Slack channels, to a weekly “Coffee Club” that randomly matches two employees up for a virtual coffee and chat. There are so many opportunities to feel connected and get to know colleagues.

Pickup any hobbies during quarantine? I had a lot more time to cook and bake during quarantine. Now that my family of four celebrates every birthday and holiday together at home, I’ve really upped my cooking and baking!

What’s your signature dish? I love making pies; key lime and pumpkin strudel are my favorites.

Maureen's key lime pie. Yum.
And her pumpkin strudel. Yum, again.

What was your previous job? Prior to joining EverTrue, I was the Director of Donor Relations for a group of 13 hospitals in the Boston area supporting 5 of their institutions. That role helped set me up for success as a DXPM because I’m accustomed to adapting the resources available to me to best fit the individual needs of several institutions, all with their own personality and goals.

How would you describe your role? As a DXPM, it’s my job to help the DXOs effectively reach 1,000 donors each year using an extensive suite of technology. It’s important for me to utilize data and analytics to keep the DXOs on track so they can focus on being story-tellers and relationship builders for their institution.

A whole new suite of tech tools.

Which customers do you work with? At the moment, I work with Louisiana Tech, and soon I’ll be working with Tufts and UMASS Lowell.

What skills do you find most critical to your role? The DXO program is an amazing framework with impressive tools that will change the way our clients do business, but change isn’t always easy and it’s up to the DXPM to help make the transition easier. Being a good listener, creative, and a problem solver is critical to making sure these programs are a success and that the DXOs feel comfortable in their roles.

You worked in advancement/fundraising before joining EverTrue. How is the DX approach different from traditional approaches? The biggest difference I see between traditional fundraising and the DXO approach is how much time it saves! This new approach takes a lot of the manual labor out of combing through spreadsheets trying to figure out who to contact and when, allowing the fundraiser to focus on the content and delivery of their message. By allowing the DXOs to focus on that aspect of the work while continuously prompting them about who to contact when, a much larger pool of prospective donors can be reached with personalized content.

Maureen is awesome. Connect with her here. 

Stay tuned for the next installment in our DXPM series. In the meantime, learn more about Donor Experience Programs here.

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