Meet our Donor Experience Program Managers: Coleman

What is a DXPM?

Donor Experience Programs by EverTrue are changing the game in shops all over the country, letting you manage thousands of your best, overlooked prospects. What’s our secret ingredient? Our Donor Experience Program Managers. 

DXPMs are by your side from day one, helping to build out your team, mentoring new Donor Experience Officers (DXOs), and providing nuanced, data-driven reporting to keep your program on track. 

Get to know our DX experts, how they got into fundraising, what a typical day is like, and why they’re so excited about the future of advancement.

Meet Coleman!

Your name: Coleman Walsh

Location: Dorchester, MA

Alma Mater: Boston College & Roxbury Latin (Both ET Customers!!)

Who would play you in a movie? Ed Helms

Ed Helms
A younger, more dashing Ed Helms
Ed? Coleman? Andy?

What did you do before becoming a DXPM? I was previously a Development Assistant for the Boston College Athletics Development team. It gave me insight into the world of advancement, but more importantly the opportunity for innovation across the entire fundraising sector.

How would you describe your role at EverTrue?
As a DXPM, I work with DXOs and Student DXOs to help build relationships with their portfolios of 1000+ households. We use a suite of technology that allows teams to work efficiently and strategically, but most importantly we collaborate across all DXO programs to identify trends and make adjustments based on what is working best.

Which customers do you work with? I work with Western Kentucky University, Emory University, University of Oregon, and Bentley University.

How does the EverTrue Donor Experience approach different from traditional fundraising? Outside of the sheer number of donors in each DXOs portfolio, our approach combines technology with strategy to allow DXOs to focus on personalization without worrying about when to follow up. Our approach takes the guesswork out of fundraising.

What is your favorite part of working at EverTrue?
Since “the people” is the obvious answer, I will go with “the mission.” EverTrue’s mission of building relationships in pursuit of a better world is unlike any other. Every day we work with clients to help raise money for students and programs in need. I am so grateful for my own higher ed experience so working each day to help others have a similar experience is amazing. The people aren’t so bad either.

Coleman on-site at Western Kentucky University

What does a standard day look like for you? A standard day starts with a review of the previous day’s analytics and contact reports. From there, I have various meetings throughout the day with clients. These meetings vary from 1 on 1s to team meetings. I usually end my day by mapping out a plan for the following day and ensuring that I have prepped for all meetings.

Pickup any hobbies during recently? 
I have gotten into biking. Like a lot of people, I joined the cult of Peloton users which then led me to getting a road bike.

What’s your go-to drink? 
Tequila soda with pineapple juice for me.


Stay tuned for the next installment in our DXPM series, and meet Coleman at our webinar Polite Persistence: How to Book More Meetings!

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