EverTrue Studios: Advancement’s first media channel

Engaging stories, witty hosts, 1:1 conversations... it's the Advancement version of our favorite shows.

You all have some amazing stories to tell – you should be shouting them from the rooftops. But, where do you share them? And where do you go in search of inspiration? 

Well, we’ve been busy working on something prettttttty exciting….

Introducing: EverTrue Studios, advancement’s first media channel

It’s your go-to hub for advancement content, inspiring stories, and helpful conversations that you can access any time. Just like you do with all of your other favorite content (Ted Lasso streaming, anyone?). 

We’ve been crafting up original series, films, and podcasts with fundraisers in mind. EverTrue studios houses 100+ hours of on-demand content, including conversations with Advancement Greats you won’t hear anywhere else.

Want to get some insider-only background on a Senior VP ahead of an interview? Tune in to the RAISE Podcast hosted by Brent Grinna. (We’ve event got a whole Podcast Network on Studios featuring the most innovative voices in advancement.)

Want to stream a quick, entertaining video tip at your next team meeting? We’re serving up our best tips and tricks in short, bite-sized episodes. Like these 10 Tips for Radical Personalization with Mike Nagel.

Want to have a good cry, while also being reminded of why you do what you do? The Donor Experience Documentary is a story about human connection, philanthropy and love that will have you reaching for the tissues. 

Tune in to EverTrue Studios. We’ll release new content on the regular. It’s going to be awesome.

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