RAISE Podcast: the 100th!

Today marks the 100th episode of the RAISE podcast. 

Wowzas. That mean that Brent has been “comin’ in live” for 100 weeks with advancement’s top voices and most innovative leaders. These conversations have taken place in Alumni Centers, on the RAISE live stage, in basement home offices, and from the Grinnebago as it journeyed across the country. 

Every podcast conversation is so distinct – our guests riff on topics as varied as Ducati motorcycles, piloting planes, the Art of War, and servant leadership

But there is one commonality that unites all our podcast guests: each one talks about the other people who have helped get them to where they are today as advancement leaders. Mentorship is a predominant theme on the RAISE podcast.

So, to mark this 100th episode of the pod, Brent reflected on the folks that have made his own EverTrue journey possible. This week, we’re featuring someone who went out of their way to help a first-generation student from a farm in Iowa land his first job after college. Tune in below to hear a conversation with one of Brent’s mentors, Michael Glascott, Managing Partner at Macquarie Investment Partners. 


A bit of backstory…

Brent is a first-generation college student from a farm in Postville, Iowa. He had no idea what he was going to do after graduation and was unfamiliar with the post-grad job search process.

One evening after practice during Brent’s junior year, the Brown football team hosted a gathering with alums and students above the Pizzitola Sports Center. Brent showed up and ended up chatting with an alum named Jon Skinner. Jon asked Brent if he had ever thought about going into Investment Banking. 

Considering that Brent didn’t know any investment bankers, his answer was “no” – but he took Jon up on his offer to learn more. Jon made time to coach Brent on the typical questions he’d face in an Investment Banking entry-level interview. 

Thanks to Jon’s guidance, Brent made his first-ever visit to New York City to interview for an analyst position at Lehman Brothers. He was grateful for the opportunity to work at such a prestigious place, but ultimately he decided that a smaller firm in Chicago (where Jon was based) felt more like “home.” 

At William Blair, Brent met Michael Glascott, a friend of Jon’s and a fellow Brown alum. Michael took Brent under his wing and coached him through his early years in investment banking. Since then, Michael has helped Brent navigate big life moments like going to business school, founding a company, and raising a family while serving as a CEO.

Brent invited Michael to this special episode to shine a light on the impact of mentorship on his own entrepreneurial journey. And also to say thanks. Here it is in Brent’s own words:

“Hundreds of lives have been changed by Jon taking me under his wing. And by Mike taking my call. And by you both helping me get settled in Chicago. Sometimes we think about mentorship as this really formal thing or this big time commitment where we have to talk once a month… but that one phone call with Jon and with Mike has benefitted countless other people. And it’s been life-changing for me. I bet we couldn’t even track all the compounding benefits of this one phone call that Jon and Mike took.

And it’s why I will always give to Brown. Brown created a community that let this good thing happen and let it compound for others.”

Mentorship matters. Do you have a mentor that you think would make a stellar guest on the RAISE podcast? Nominate them here.


We’ve been working on something really cool to celebrate our first 100 podcast guests, and acknowledge the folks who’ve helped them get to where they are today. 

Brent asked. They delivered. Stay tuned…

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