The Advancement Mentorship Tree

There are pivotal moments in life when a mentor steps in and makes all the difference. We’ve memorialized a few of them on the RAISE podcast.

Like, when Dr. Jenifer Ward’s eighth grade German teacher insisted she attend a conference for young German scholars (and drove her there on the way to her honeymoon). 

Or when Tim McMahon was stressing over a big career change and Mike O’Neill stuck his neck out to say, “If you don’t take this job, I think you’re making a big mistake.”

Or when Dillard University president Michael Lomax and VP Love Collins convinced Marc Barnes to leave his position as a bank teller and take a job in the Dillard advancement office.

Our RAISE podcast guests shared stories like these over and over again. So, after 100 episodes of the pod, we knew a few things for sure. 1) No one gets to positions of leadership without the help of mentors and guides. 2) The advancement community has benefitted from some all-star legends. 3) We wanted to map the impact of mentorship.

To commemorate the 100th episode of the RAISE podcast, we decided to visualize some of these stories of mentorship in the advancement community. We figured it would be the right way to celebrate our first 100 guests – and the folks who inspired and empowered them to rise to their leadership positions. 

We built Advancement’s (first!) Mentorship Tree. Check it out!

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