How to personalize donor outreach at scale

Last month, Brent Grinna took to the (real, live, in-person!) conference stage for the first time in two years. 

He joined Brian HastingsNick Linde, and Leah Sveen on the AGB stage to tell the story of innovation, collaboration, and excellence at the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Last year, the UNF team launched one of the country’s first Donor Experience programs, and they’re seeing results like…

69 donor visits in their first 30 days. 

400 weekly touch points.

$1.2M in major gift pipeline revenue. 

$2.9M in new gift revenue.

For the folks who weren’t able to witness the magic in-person, we captured a pre-conference sesh with the amazing UNF team (plus some Providence ➡️ Orlando travel highlights). 

Trip highlights and solid advice

Panel recording: DX at UNF


The results from year one of the Donor Experience program at UNF speak for themselves. But in order to get here, the UNF team had to strategically build organizational buy-in across the UNF advancement ranks. Here are some of the highest-level takeaways from the launch of the Donor Experience program at UNF:

  1. Solutions are only born once people admit there’s a problem opportunity. The proposed solution needs to be measurable, precise, and backed by data. No room for fluff, here.
  2. Internal buy-in is vital to launching a new program. Honest communication and demonstrated results (read: data!) are the keys to that buy-in.
  3. Personalization at scale is difficult. Personalization at scale without technology and strategy to enable it is impossible. Invest in the strategy-people-technology trifecta, and you’ll see results in the first month.
  4. The DXO program is the onramp that leads donors from annual giving to major giving. It’s also the onramp for the next generation of new, diverse, tech-savvy fundraisers.

The incredible folks at the University of Nebraska Foundation are leading transformational change on their team, for the University, and for the whole advancement industry. They have offered to help “any University that’s looking at implementing our ‘personalization at scale’ approach.”

Want to connect with them? Reach out and we will put you in touch.

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