Meet Our Donor Experience Program Managers: Anthony Munoz

Meet our DXPMs: Anthony

Donor Experience Programs by EverTrue are changing the game in shops all over the country, letting you manage thousands of your best, overlooked prospects. What’s our secret ingredient? Our Donor Experience Program Managers. 

DXPMs are by your side from day one, helping to build out your team, mentoring new Donor Experience Officers (DXOs), and providing nuanced data-driven reporting to keep your program on track. 

Get to know our DX experts, how they got into fundraising, what a typical day is like, and why they’re so excited about the future of advancement.

Your name: Anthony Munoz

Location: Detroit, MI

Alma Mater: Central Michigan University and Western Michigan University

Who would play you in a movie? I get that I look like Nev Schulman from Catfish a lot, so let’s go with him.

What is your favorite part about working at EverTrue? Easily the people that I work with! I get to work with passionate, motivated, and kind individuals on a day-to-day basis. Work is fun when you get to collaborate with people like that!


Anthony and the EverTrue DXPM team!

What’s your signature dish or drink? An Irish Buck, which is Jameson and ginger ale. Perfect for any occasion!

Pick up any hobbies during quarantine? Not necessarily a hobby, but I did watch 40 seasons of Survivor during quarantine and it is now my favorite show. 

photo of dog sticking his tongue out
Anthony's pup Brady, the perfect partner to emBARK on 40 seasons of Survivor with.

What jobs have you held previously? How did they set you up for success as a DXPM? I’ve worked in annual giving shops at Central Michigan University and Western Michigan University. Working in annual giving set me up for success as a DXPM because I am focused on helping my partner institutions with portfolio participation, establishing giving patterns with donors, and identifying upgradable donors.

How is the DX approach different than traditional advancement approaches? The DX approach is a digital leadership annual giving program pushed to the max. Our DXOs are enabled with a technology stack that creates efficiencies in outreach, which allows them to manage portfolios of 1,000-2,000 individuals. Personalized outreach at scale is not the norm in traditional approaches, but it is the way of the future!

Which customers do you work with? The University of Connecticut, University of Oregon, University of Virginia, Western Kentucky University, and the University of North Dakota.

Any common observations or results you’re seeing across your DX teams? High activity is so important! Across the board, the programs that pump out more activity per day are seeing more successes in booking meetings and bringing in gifts. All it takes is focusing on daily activities.

How about recent wins or stories you are particularly excited about? My programs have seen big gifts of $500K and $250K this fiscal year. We’ve also had some great wins involving student outreach that I love celebrating. My favorite wins, though, are annual gift increases. Gifts coming in at 200% or 300% more than they usually do really fire me up!

What is some advice you’d give someone just starting out in a DXO role? As Joel Embiid says, “trust the process”. The high outreach may seem overwhelming at the beginning of the program, but once you get your feet under you and work the EverTrue process you’ll start to see the wins come pouring in!

Anthony rocks. Connect with him on LinkedIn!


Learn more about Donor Experience Programs firsthand in our latest Ask Me Anything: Donor Experience webinar, where three current and former DXOs detail a “day in the life” and the tangible ROI from over 35 EverTrue Donor Experience partner institutions.

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