Sync with Studios: October

EverTrue Studios is the very first media hub for advancement, serving up free, on-demand series, films, and podcasts, all created with fundraisers in mind. Now, EverTrue Studios subscribers will have access to the EverTrue Studios Podcast Network, a collection of on-demand insights from advancement entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Here’s what’s new this month on the ETSPN.

New pod on the ETSPN: Mentorship Matters!

In October, we launched a new podcast on the EverTrue Studios Podcast Network, Mentorship Matters, hosted by advancement leader Kim Nyoni.

The Mentorship Matters podcast will examine how intentional mentorship can build a more diverse and inclusive talent pool to serve the advancement and non-profit industries. The first five episodes of Mentorship Matters are live:

It’s on each of us to build a brighter and more inclusive future for advancement. Tune into Mentorship Matters on EverTrue Studios, and connect with host Kim Nyoni on LinkedIn.

This month on the RAISE Podcast:

The RAISE Podcast, hosted by EverTrue CEO & Founder Brent Grinna, is a weekly podcast that features advancement’s most innovative leaders. 

One of our favorite pieces of advice from this month’s RAISE convos comes from Jen Howe, Vice President of Development at Georgia Tech. Lest we forget this classic sales adage, Jen reminds us that time kills all deals.

Also featured this month on the RAISE Podcast: the founder’s story of the African American Development Officers network with Birgit Burton Smith. Reflections on MGO “reskilling” with Jeremy Galvin, VP at the Iowa State University Foundation. And a good reminder from the founder of the Annual Giving Network Dan Allenby that “now that we all have adopted some amazing tech tools, it’s time to get really, really good at them.” Tune in.

This month on the Development Debrief podcast:

The Development Debrief Podcast, hosted by Kathryn Van Sickle, is a podcast for professionals, thought leaders, and donors in the field of fundraising.

This month, Kathryn kicked off Season 9 with a conversation about how prospect researchers and fundraisers can work better together, featuring Steve Grimes, Associate Director of Data Insight at The Helen Brown Group.

Also on the Development Debrief this month, we get an inside look at bequests, effective stock giving, crypto, and millennial giving trends through Patrick Schmitt, co-CEO of FreeWill. And, Kathryn hosts Advancement Great Karen Osborne for an important conversation about board diversification and stewardship. Tune in to the Debrief on

We're just about ready to talk shop.

What happens when an advancement ops guru (EverTrue’s Erin Moran) and a top advancement leader (Northwestern’s David Lively) sit down for a cup of coffee?

Well, they can’t help it. They talk shop. 

On EverTrue’s newest podcast, Talking Shop, Erin and Dave will have quick-hitting convos about the hottest topics in advancement, all consumable over a cup of coffee. 

Talking Shop will launch in November. Stay tuned!

Tune in. Get inspired. Raise better. Any time.

EverTrue Studios is advancement’s very first media hub where subscribers have access to over 100 hours of free, on-demand, original series and podcasts, all created with fundraisers in mind. 

On the EverTrue Studios Podcast Network, we are bringing together the most authentic and knowledgement voices in fundraising in one place. Whether you’ve got 10 minutes or two hours, tune in on

Happy ‘casting, y’all.  

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