Pro Tips: Using Data and Analytics to Drive DXO Strategy

As a DXO, you can harness the power of data and analytics to help to build and enhance the efficiencies that are key to your success. Across our suite of technologies, you can make data-driven decisions that will allow you to work even smarter and connect with donors even more quickly. Here’s a handful of our fav strategies.


Live Feed: Keep a close eye on the Live Feed of your SalesLoft homepage to monitor donor engagement. Have an amazing donor that you’ve been working hard to reach? If you see that they have engaged with a piece of your content, jump into their profile and executie a Quick Action to give them a call while you have their attention. It may just lead to that meeting being booked!

Best Time to Call: There’s nothing better than catching that key prospect on the phone, and the Best Time To Call feature in SalesLoft can help to make it happen. Not only does this ensure that you’re positioning yourself for a successful connection, this feature can also help you to block out your calendar for the best time each day to dedicate to outreach via this important channel.

Reply Rate: Reviewing your reply rate can help you reposition templated email content to achieve a successful connection earlier on in your cadence. Is your Day 10 email template rocking it? Try to move that content and subject line to Day 5. But what about Open Rate, you might ask? It’s a piece of the puzzle, but some recent changes made by Apple iOS make open rate a less reliable metric when determining success. Reply rate is where it’s at!

EverTrue Enrichment Data

Facebook Engagement: You’ve probably heard us mention this a time or two, but it bears repeating. When a prospect engages with content from one of your Facebook pages, it means you are on their mind. Strike while that iron is hot and reach out! Consider setting up a search of your assigned donors with a primary email address who recently engaged on Facebook and who last made a gift during the current quarter of the prior fiscal year. BOOM! You’ve got a hot list of donors who are thinking of you and who are ready to renew their support. Prioritize adding these prospects to your first cadence this week.

Facebook Engagement

How else do you use data and analytics in your day-to-day work as a DXO? 

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