How to Set Up Filters for Year-End Success

The end of the calendar year is quickly approaching, and we want to take the guesswork out of who you should be contacting in your portfolio to make an end-of-year gift.

What is one strategy to help accomplish this? EverTrue giving pattern filters! 

The end of the calendar year is a great time to engage your LYBUNTS and SYBUNTS. Donors who gave last year, but not this year, is a LYBUNT. Donors who gave some year, but not this year, is a SYBUNT. 

Reengaging these donors can help you reach your goals; these people cared enough about your mission to support it financially and, with careful cultivation, they may care enough to give again. Segmenting your portfolio for outreach based on your donors’ giving patterns is a smart way to engage them, and EverTrue filters make this easy. 

So how do you do it? 

  1. Head over to your constituents in EverTrue and click on filters. 
  2. Then, sort by assigned to you (DXO) and add “Giving Pattern.” 
  3. After that, you can choose LYBUNT/SYBUNT 
  4. Finally, save a list of all donors who fall into this giving category so you can see who needs to be solicited for an end-of-year gift. 

It’s that easy! 

Have other strategies you would like to share with the DXO community on how your team is preparing for end-of-calendar-year success?

Head over to the DXO LinkedIn Group and share your ideas!

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