Using Social to Drive Giving Day Engagement with Boston University

BU's giving day premium campaign knocked their donors' socks off!

The Boston University team whipped up a giving day campaign that is sure to knock your socks off.

BU’s annual Giving Day is their annual marquee giving event – and is heavily driven by social media engagement. The team used EverTrue social media data to build lists for Ambassador volunteer asks, print and email sends, and hard-asks via Facebook ads. In fact, one of the most consistent ways BU is leveraging the lists they pull via EverTrue is through Facebook custom ad audiences. The lists are highly targeted, containing BU’s top fans most likely to take action than more generic Facebook targeting. 

In this campaign, the team used EverTrue data to help drum up the excitement of making a giving day donation by sending donors a pair of limited-edition socks as a thank you.

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