Sync with Studios: April

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Each month, we publish tons of new podcast and video content on our media hub. Here’s the snapshot of what happened in April on EverTrue Studios.

RAISE Podcast
Mentorship Matters
Talking Shop


On the TrueTalk video series, we host industry thought leaders to help us tackle the hottest topics in advancement. 

This month, we got tips for staying relevant from Cutler Andrews, Sr. AVP for Engagement, Communications, and Marketing at Emory University.

Cutler and his team are responsible for engaging 165,000 alumni and over 500,000 constituents at Emory. Tune in for insights on looking to trends outside the sector for inspiration on new strategies and embracing a fail-forward approach.

The RAISE Podcast

The RAISE Podcast, hosted by EverTrue CEO & Founder Brent Grinna, is a weekly podcast that features advancement’s most innovative leaders. 

This month, Brent chatted with NC State’s Reshunda Mahone, Associate Vice Chancellor of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving. They talked about the nuances of fundraising with lawyers, the importance of partnering with faculty members and Deans, and the benefits of working in an advancement shop where alumni engagement and annual giving are completely integrated. 

Below is a great clip, and you can tune into the full episode here.

Brent also hosted Brian Hervey, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and Alumni Relations and the President of the UCI Foundation at the University of California, Irvine, for a conversation focused on the differences between higher ed and healthcare fundraising.

The Mentorship Matters podcast

On the Mentorship Matters podcast, host Kim Nyoni aims to explore the power of inclusive mentorship in advancement. 

This month, Kim hosted Stephanie Mizer, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at THE Ohio State University for a debate on “The Great Resignation or The Great Realization.” You can catch a clip below, and the full episode here

Kim also chatted with Shane Carlin, CEO of Asian Student Achievement, for a conversation about the AAPI community and the Advancement talent pipeline. Tune in here. 

The Talking Shop podcast

On the monthly Talking Shop podcast, Erin Moran and David Lively debate the hottest topics in advancement. 

As co-host and Advancement Services pro Erin Moran points out, “Fundraising is a hard job. The work of development officers is very visible and subject to scrutiny. How can we make sure that these pressures don’t cause unhealthy competition and overall dysfunction?”

On this new episode, David Lively and Erin discuss cultures that celebrate teamwork, rather than cultivate divisive competition. Tune in here




On the DXbyET video series, we take you behind the scenes of  building, launching, and running at Donor Experience program.

This month, EverTrue DX experts Maureen and Tony delivered some breaking news about the fastest-growing job title in advancement: Donor Experience Officer. Tune in here.

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