Sync with Studios: May

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Each month, we publish tons of new podcast and video content on our media hub. Here’s the snapshot of what happened in May on EverTrue Studios.

The RAISE Podcast
Mentorship Matters
Talking Shop
Development Debrief


On the TrueTalk video series, we host industry thought leaders to help us tackle the hottest topics in advancement. 

This month, we got some tips for navigating a new role, thanks to Cameron Hall, Executive Director of Annual Giving at the University of South Carolina. And we chatted about remote work, deep segmentation, and uber-personalization with Jake Strang, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Alumni Annual Giving at the University of Pittsburgh.

Tune in to all TrueTalk episodes here.

The RAISE Podcast

The RAISE Podcast, hosted by EverTrue CEO & Founder Brent Grinna, is a weekly podcast that features advancement’s most innovative leaders. 

This month, we hit a milestone for the RAISE Podcast – our 150th! For the sesquicentennial, Brent hosted Scott Roberts, Vice President of Development at Oklahoma State University Foundation, for a conversation on purpose, practice, and prioritization.

Below is a great clip, and you can tune into the full episode here.

This month, Brent also hosted Dr. Kirk Nook, former president of Gordon State College, for a discussion of the unique value proposition of community colleges. And, he chatted with Cheryl Webster Crounse, Vice President of Salem State University for a conversation focused on student persistence

You can catch all RAISE Podcast conversations, plus a bunch of quotable clips from advancement leaders, here

The Mentorship Matters podcast

On the Mentorship Matters podcast, host Kim Nyoni explores the power of inclusive mentorship in advancement. 

This month, Kim hosted Steven Barnes, Senior Associate Vice President at Duke Health and Alumni Affairs. They talk about how purposeful mentorship can organically evolve into genuine “sponsorship,” and the differentiators between a great mentor and a great sponsor.

You can catch a clip below, and the full episode (plus other Mentorship Matters convos) here

The Talking Shop podcast

“You rated this person as having a capacity to give $1.5MM, but I met with them, and they can clearly give upwards of $25MM. What gives?!”

This month on Talking Shop, co-hosts Dave and Erin explored a tale as old as fundraising time that costs advancement shops a lot of time and energy: the communication breakdown between fundraisers and prospect researchers.

Dave and Erin have been on both sides of this proverbial fence, and they talked through suggested solutions to the silos based on their experience.

Catch this episode below, and tune in to all Talking Shop conversations here.


The Development Debrief

The Development Debrief podcast host Kathryn Van Sickle made a big move in May: she relocated from Manhattan, New York to New Haven, Connecticut, to start a new role as Director of Parents Gifts at Yale.

This month, Kathryn interviewed some fundraising game-changers on the topics of making moves, the power of proximity, and how to cultivate a sense of pride in yourself and your teammates.

You can tune into all Development Debrief conversations here.

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