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Each month, we publish tons of new podcast and video content on our media hub. Here’s the snapshot of what happened in June on EverTrue Studios.

The RAISE Podcast
Mentorship Matters
Talking Shop
Development Debrief


On the TrueTalk video series, we host industry thought leaders to help us tackle the hottest topics in advancement. 

This month, Mike Nagel hosted Cameron Hall, Executive Director of Annual Giving and Lead Generation at the University of South Carolina, for a TrueTalk about ChatGPT and Annual Giving.

Cameron and his team have been using AI to power Giving Day outreach and annual appeals from the Dean, and they’re seeing some pretty cool ROI. Like…

👉 Saved dozens of hours of staff time by creating basic rough drafts of messaging;
👉 Generated over 300 Dean appeal letters with minimal edits;
👉 Recorded the highest number of Giving Day donors in 6 years;
👉 Recorded the highest number of first-time donors on a Giving Day in 6 years;
👉 Saw very few copy mistakes across the board.

Tune into Mike and Cameron’s full conversation here – and borrow Cameron’s ideas via this blog post

The RAISE Podcast

The RAISE Podcast, hosted by EverTrue CEO & Founder Brent Grinna, is a weekly podcast that features advancement’s most innovative leaders. 

This month, we rounded up some RAISE Podcast conversations around a topic that’s top of mind for industry leaders across the board: AI in Advancement. Here are some of our favorite quotes from recent RAISE Pod guests:

In June, Brent also explored the low turnover at West Virginia University with B.J. Davisson. He talked about building new teams and a new campus with Michael Reza from the University of Oregon. He discussed “fundraiser fluency” with Cincy’s Stephen Rosfeld. And he examined how West Point’s alumni participation rates are on the rise with Kristen Sorenson.

You can catch all RAISE Podcast conversations here

Mentorship Matters

On the Mentorship Matters podcast, host Kim Nyoni examines the current and future landscape of fundraising leaders and the power of inclusive mentorship in advancement.

This month, Kim dug into the statistic that nearly 3 million students attended college completely online in 2022. (That’s about 15% of all college students.)

To explore this stat, Kim hosted Matthew Winston, Chief Alumni Engagement Officer at Binghamton University, for a conversation about how our industry can do a better job of engaging the graduates who have never set foot on campus.

This month, Kim also shared his thoughts on the importance of aligning with the mission of an organization, and the effects true alignment can have on our long-term happiness, fulfillment, and well-being.

Tune in to all Mentorship Matters conversations here

The Talking Shop podcast

“We all need to be able to speak to why this profession is important, and how we uplift each other.” 

This month on the Talking Shop podcast, co-hosts David Lively and Erin Moran confront the reputation of the advancement industry and our individual roles in shaping the narrative.

They consider how our donors and potential prospects learn about higher ed fundraising. Which do they hear more of: impact stories about the diseases cured, degrees made possible, and lives changed by philanthropy? Or do fundraising headline scandals (a-la “Varsity Blues”) capture more of their attention?

Building a culture of philanthropy means telling stories of the impact of donations, over and over again, across all channels, at all levels of the organization, to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and to the rest of the world. 

Catch this important episode below, and tune in to all Talking Shop conversations here.



The Development Debrief

Season Eleven of the Development Debrief podcast has been stacked with valuable insights and helpful takeaways about the future of the fundraising profession. 

This month, host Kathryn Van Sickle featured a number of industry experts on some hard-hitting topics. Check out the most recent five episodes below.

Kathryn just started a new position as Director of Parents Gifts at Yale University, and she is always sharing wisdom from her development journey on the podcast. You can tune into all Development Debrief conversations here.

Tune in, get inspired, raise better.

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