The Future of EverTrue: A Look Inside Our New Brand

Over the past two years, the EverTrue product suite has experienced significant growth. EverTrue’s advancement intelligence, segmentation, and fundraiser empowerment software is now complemented by the capabilities of ThankView for personalized outreach, Pledgemine for hyper-targeted direct mail, Fundriver for endowed fund management and reporting, and The Solas Group for real-time fundraising analytics and benchmarking. As we bring together this new end-to-end fundraising solution that leverages cutting-edge technology, it’s time for a company rebrand.

Keith Maneri is the current Vice President of Content and Creative at EverTrue and a co-founder of ThankView. To get a full picture of where EverTrue has been, where we’re at, and where we’re heading, Keith interviewed himself. 

Keith, meet Keith.

Keith: I’d like to welcome myself, Keith Maneri, the VP of Content and Creative at EverTrue. Now, before we dive into the big news about the new and improved EverTrue, I must say, it’s quite bold of you to interview yourself.

Keith: Well, thank you, me. I figured, who better to ask the hard-hitting questions about this company rebrand than someone who intimately knows the ins and outs of the process.

Keith: Ah, the joys of self-indulgence. Ok, let’s get down to business. EverTrue has been through quite the journey with mergers and acquisitions in the past two years, bringing together a diverse suite of products and services in a short amount of time. Can you tell us about this decision to grow the EverTrue suite? 

Keith: Absolutely. As you mentioned, the EverTrue suite has grown to become just that – a suite of tools.  Over the past two years, we added to our core product of advancement intelligence, segmentation, and fundraiser empowerment software– and were joined by the powers of ThankView for personalized video outreach, Pledgemine for hyper-targeted direct mail, Fundriver for endowed fund management and reporting, and The Solas Group for real-time fundraising analytics and benchmarking. 

The rebrand journey

Keith: So, what you’re saying is that you are now truly an end-to-end fundraising solution for advancement teams everywhere. 

Keith: Took the words right out of my own mouth! And with almost 10 unique brand aesthetics floating around from these recent mergers and acquisitions, EverTrue was starting to feel like a potluck dinner with a mishmash of dishes. We had lots of delicious flavors, but we needed to bring them together to create a satisfying meal. We decided it was time to cook up a unified brand identity that would make it crystal clear to our customers that all these amazing products are now part of one EverTrue family.

Keith: We can put the kebab, I mean, kibosh on further food metaphors.

Keith: Pear enough.

Keith: So, let’s talk about the effort to rebrand the new EverTrue. What’s the goal of this rebrand?

Keith: In short, the whole of EverTrue is greater than the sum of its parts. More and more of our customers are now using our full suite of tools, and the results have been incredible. (Meetings are up by over 75% and revenue is up by millions year over year).  And with recent booms in AI, the rubber is really hitting the road. As we weave the power of our products together, it makes sense to transition to a cohesive brand identity with a consistent visual style. Internally and externally, we want everyone to feel connected to the “new EverTrue” through this rebrand, regardless of their previous associations with the acquired companies.

All these amazing products, working together, with one unified look – it’s a big moment for EverTrue. 

From a "house of brands" to a "branded house"

Keith: Agreed. I have a nice bottle of Sangiovese waiting for us after we conclude this interview. It’s our favorite. Let’s give it some time to open up and focus on the journeys of some of the brands involved in this merger.

Keith: So, from The Solas Group’s captivating sunburst logo to Fundriver’s mesmerizing stained glass-inspired design shapes, to ThankView’s beloved mascot Uni the Unicorn, and EverTrue’s evolution from a simple “e” in a red shield to the iconic looped arrow recognized across the advancement world, each brand brought its own unique and special elements to the table. They stood out in the homogeneous landscape of SaaS products. We wanted the new unified EverTrue look to be a worthy celebration of their distinctive contributions.

The new EverTrue logo

Keith: That was quite the journey through a run-on sentence you just took us through. Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty elements of this rebranding. And let’s start with the new EverTrue logo.

Keith: Ah, the logo. The heart and soul of any company rebranding effort. We wanted a new EverTrue logo that is reflective of what our unified product suite will do: build better relationships with all donors in the donor pyramid, not just the top 2%. The new purple EverTrue pyramid is divided into three sections, representing our focus on fueling donor pipeline through Annual Giving, Donor Experience, and Major Gifts. Our products start by powering personalized video, email, text, and direct mail. Then, we identify, engage, and qualify the next-best prospects to drive impactful philanthropy. And finally, we harness the power of AI to convert long-overlooked alums into lifelong donors – and repeat the process many times over. 

Keith: And how about this new EverTrue purple?

Keith: We chose an all-new purple as our primary color. It was important to us to choose a primary color that was agnostic to any of the brands that came before it so that our team could rally under a unified banner that was new to all. For secondary colors, we paid homage to our historic brand journeys, with teal green for EverTrue, bright blue for ThankView and Pledgemine, and orange for The Solas Group and Fundriver.

Keith: Purple, the color of royalty, or the color of someone with a narcissistic streak who enjoys interviewing themselves?

Keith: Hey, we are who we are, aren’t we?

The EverTrue product suite

Keith: With this unified branding, how will you differentiate the products within the EverTrue suite?

Keith: We’re going to be blending hand-drawn-styled elements with bright and clean vector designs that are recognizable across the EverTrue suite of products. They draw attention to key information and highlight the interconnectedness of our products and offerings.

Keith: So, your rebrand elements are scalable and personalized… kind of like donor outreach powered by EverTrue?

Keith: I knew I liked you, Keith.

It takes a village.

Keith: Finally, any special acknowledgments you’d like to make for this rebranding endeavor?

Keith: Definitely. I’d like to thank Velocity, the marketing agency that helped with the initial rebrand concepts. Sara Chrostowska Degiorgi, their amazing designer, deserves a special mention.

But the real heroes of this rebranding effort are my team. Our creative director, Laura Austin, is a visionary when it comes to understanding the big picture and how these designs will resonate with our customers. Her discerning eye for design has been instrumental in guiding Christine Kim, our designer who, despite being early in her career, possesses an extraordinary amount of talent. Christine played a key role in crafting our final logo and developing our vibrant color scheme. Her expertise in animation and illustration is truly remarkable, and you can see her artistic touch in every aspect of the final designs.

Together, Laura and Christine played pivotal roles in bringing this new brand to life, and I am tremendously grateful for their invaluable contributions. 

The future of fundraising

Keith: Well, I have to give kudos to you and your team for a job well done. As we wrap up, what message do you have for everyone who will now be a part of this revitalized brand?

Keith: We are really, really excited about this new era for EverTrue. Fundraising is a hard job, but through the collective power of our product suite, we are committed to making it so much easier. We want fundraisers to be able to focus on getting meetings, conducting meetings, and following up on meetings – you know, the things fundraisers love to do and were hired to do. It’s so exciting that our product suite can automate the time-consuming tasks that have long distracted our partners from that vital work. 

As we prepare to roll out some amazing product announcements, we invite everyone, EverCrew members, customers, and industry partners, alike, to take ownership of our revitalized brand. Whether you’ve been with us since the early days or are new arrivals to the EverTrue family, this rebranding represents a collective step forward in bringing the advancement industry to its full potential.

Keith: Well said, me. Thank you for taking the time to chat with you today.

Keith: A pleasure, as always, Keith.

Register to join us live on on September 19th as we unveil EverTrue’s new revolutionary features and dive into how we’re using AI to propel meaningful 1:1 connections — guiding fundraisers and creating the ultimate donor experience. Sign up here!

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