Sync with EverTrue Studios: July

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Each month, we publish tons of new podcast and video content on our media hub. Here’s the snapshot of what happened in July on EverTrue Studios.

The RAISE Podcast
Mentorship Matters
Development Debrief


On the TrueTalk video series, we host industry thought leaders to help us tackle the hottest topics in advancement. 

This month on TrueTalk, host Hannah Davis chatted with Megan Rajski, Director of Annual Giving at Fairfield University. They explored what keeps annual giving professionals up at night, the annual giving wishlist, and why annual giving always deserves a seat at the table. Catch a clip below, or the full episode here

Also in July, Brent Grinna hosted Michael Reza, AVP at the University of Oregon for a conversation on the AI Advancement Wishlist. And JD Beebe sat down with Lynne Wester, Donor Relations Guru to talk honestly about the stress of endowment reporting season.

It was a stacked month of TrueTalks! You can tune in here.

The RAISE Podcast

The RAISE Podcast, hosted by EverTrue CEO & Founder Brent Grinna, is a weekly podcast that features advancement’s most innovative leaders.

This month on the RAISE Pod, Brent hosted Kansas State University president Greg Willems. They discussed the many potential distractions fundraisers face and how to tune out the noise by keeping laser focused on the “air and water.” In the case of higher ed fundraising, that means honing in on three things:

  1. Getting visits.
  2. Conducting visits.
  3. Following up on visits .

And clearing other tasks off the plate as much as possible.

Below is a great clip, and you can tune into the full episode here.

In July, Brent also explored what advancement can learn from Disney with Becky Fullmer, Associate Vice President of Advancement Operations at the University of Central Florida. He dug into a unique foundation funding model with Bill Miller, CEO of the Kean University Foundation. And he learned about the largest unrestricted gift in the history of US higher education from Justin Fincher, VP for Advancement and Executive Director of the Stony Brook Foundation.

You can catch all RAISE Podcast conversations, plus a bunch of quotable clips from advancement leaders, here

The Mentorship Matters podcast

On the Mentorship Matters podcast, host Kim Nyoni explores the power of inclusive mentorship in advancement. 

This month, Kim hosted leadership coach, Dr. Amber Selking, for a conversation about developing a winning mindset. What we think becomes what we are – so we have to start with our thoughts. On this episode, Kim and Dr. Selking talk through the thoughts, words, actions, and habits that all string together and build towards success.

You can catch a clip below and the full episode here

In July, Kim also tackled the issue of the “disappearing gift officer.” Gift officer turnover has a huge impact on higher ed advancement. The average direct and indirect cost of losing a fundraiser is about $127,000. So, how can we improve the talent retention rate in higher ed?

One answer is: get better at building talent pipeline. Kim interviewed Dennis Bonilla, Dean at Wiley Edge Global Academy, to learn about their intentional and specific talent readiness model, and what advancement can learn from it. 

You can catch all Mentorship Matters episodes here

The Development Debrief

Season 11 of the Development Debrief podcast wrapped up this month with a live recording at the Association for Fundraising Professionals conference in New York to an audience of over 1,000 people. 

The New York chapter of AFP holds a fundraising day for fundraisers every year and Development Debrief host Kathryn Van Sickle took the morning keynote spot, joined by Wendy Sealey, Vice President for Development at the Guttmacher Institute. It was a stellar conversation full of many helpful insights about leadership gifts, campaign fundraising, annual fundraising, and special events. 

You can tune into all Development Debrief conversations here.

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