Back to School! Gear Up for a Successful Year with Our Latest Innovations

It’s back to school season and we’re here to help you gear up for a successful year of fundraising with the latest innovations and new features in EverTrue.

As the long golden summer days begin to wind down, it’s that exciting time of year when college students are back on campus, backpacks are filled, pencils are sharpened, and the smell of a clean classroom beckons. And, just in time for a fresh school year, we have exciting product updates to share with you!

A Donor Highlight Reel at Your Fingertips!

You’re working on 30 donor profiles for an upcoming event and your team is pulled in different directions, leaving you little time to complete the work. Want help?

Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. Grab your phone, open the EverTrue app (iOS), find the constituents you are looking for and voila – in less than 30 seconds, the new EverTrue AI Profile Summary gives you all the information you need. It’s a donor highlight reel at your fingertips!

"This is exactly what I was hoping for from AI. It's opening up bandwidth for the rest of the team by consolidating information, synthesizing it, and putting in a place where it's easy for everyone to access. Now every gift officer or development associate has helpful, up-to-date prospect bios in their hands.”


We’re ready when you are

EverTrue’s AI Profile Summary for iOS is our first product feature that leverages AI to enhance your prospecting experience. We know you all have different privacy policies and we appreciate that. With that in mind, this new feature will only be turned on when you say the word. If you’re ready to start using AI-powered profile summaries, touch base with your CSM and we’ll get you up and running! 

Not using the EverTrue iOS app yet? That’s okay, now is a great time to get started!

Find the Donors Hiding in Plain Sight

Found on the constituents table and profile summary, the Donor Potential Score is a precise, always-fresh score to help you segment and prioritize your top donors. 

The new score includes:

  • An intuitive rating system. Constituents will be scored a number between 1-100, making it easier to identify your best prospects. Our rule of thumb? The higher the Donor Potential Score, the better!
  • An increase in the amount of data used to determine ratings. The score is calculated using gift transaction information, recency, frequency, lifetime giving, total giving and more.
  • A daily refresh. Every night scores are refreshed so you can continually prioritize, or reprioritize, the best prospects to focus on.

The score can help with balancing portfolios, trip and event planning, designing donor relations strategies, and so much more. 

Have you been using the EverTrue Index? Don’t stress! The new DPS should only enhance your efforts. We can’t wait for you to check it out.

“We’re trying to think of innovative ways to build inclination with folks. The Donor Potential Score can help us identify who those people are so we can start to engage them with the University and get them interested in what our funding needs are."


Career Intelligence for Your Entire Database

In case you missed it, Career Moves has recently changed. Instead of giving you career updates on just your alumni, you’ll now get career intelligence on all your constituents, giving you a deeper level of information than you’ve gotten before.

Here’s what else is new:

  • Career change updates every month (instead of quarterly)
  • More information in your export file, like company size and industry
  • A confidence score to help you understand who your best matches are

To help get you started with your new files, we’ve given you a couple ideas on how to use the new information you are getting:

  • Find all of the C-suite executives who work for a public company
  • Find all the owners of companies earning $500 million or more in revenue
  • See how many of your alumni are VPs or above at companies employing more than 100 people

Learn more here!

What’s New with ThankView?

Over the last few months we have been busy unicorns behind the scenes. Here are just a few of the updates we’ve made:

  • Added a new Career Moves campaign. Now it’s easier than ever to congratulate your alumni, donors, and volunteers! Learn more.
  • Sometimes you just need a do-over. That’s why we’ve added a “start over” button on your recording screen, making it really easy to stop and then start again.
  • We’ve increased the email message character limit from 300 to 5,000, because sometimes you just have more to say!

Stay tuned, we have more exciting things to share next month.

Upcoming Product Trainings

Just like a great teacher, we’re here to support your efforts and help you ace every project you are working on. We host frequent, regular product trainings to help you move to the head of the class. Check out the schedule!

Webinar Watch

Relive the thrill of class movie day in the comfort of your office (this time, without the carpet square). 

In case you missed it:

On August 17 nearly 1,000 advancement professionals tuned in to hear Armin Afsahi and Brent Grinna dive into the 10 ways AI will change Advancement. If you missed it you can watch now!

Coming up:

Join Brent Grinna, JD Beebe and Shelley Talbot on September 19 @ 1 pm ET for a look back at our revolutionary features and product updates and for an exciting look at the next phase of EverTrue. Register now!

Customer Corner

You, our customers, are at the heart of the work we do every day. You all are work hard to change lives, and we want to shout that great work from the rooftops. Today, we’re highlighting our friends at Santa Clara 

Santa Clara University teamed up with EverTrue to implement a Donor Experience (DX) program that would bridge the gap between annual giving donors and major gift prospects and propel prospect pipeline. Soon after launching a DX program, they swapped their phonathon program for a Campus Creators program. Here’s what they learned.

Looking for more great stories like this? We share new content monthly on our blog, and new conversations weekly on our media hub. We hope to see you there!

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