Back to School: ODDER Academy

Sharpen your pencils and dust off your notebooks. It’s that time of year where we head back to school. Even if you’ve long since left the schoolyard, there’s plenty to brush up on within your ODDER project.

Your ODDER Specialist is a great resource for information, but ODDER Academy is your No. 1 source for everything you need to create, launch, and track your ODDER deployment. 

In addition to walking you through an overview of a project, ODDER Academy details how to build your campaign, utilize best practices, and understand your metrics post-deployment. 

Think you know all there is to ODDER? Think again! ODDER Academy shares answers and tips to questions like the following:

  • What is the ideal time length for video?
  • Do passwords tend to improve or prohibit report views?
  • What report should go first in your campaign, variable or static?

Even if you’ve visited ODDER Academy in the past, there is NEW information now available. This summer, the ODDER team added a brand new section covering all there is to know about your metrics. This section shares detailed definitions and an overview of every metric report available to export. These new tools allow you to understand each metric better and how your ODDER campaign performed. In addition, it’s a great resource to review when determining any changes in the following years’ campaign.

You can grab a seat and brush up your ODDER knowledge any time. As always, if you have any additional questions, your ODDER Specialist is here to help!

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