Say Hello to AI-Generated Emails 👋

Follow-up just got easier!

You’re sitting at your computer to write a follow-up note to a donor, staring at the blinking cursor, 

... ... ...  

Waiting for something brilliant to come to mind…

Writing a first draft takes a lot of effort, we get it. That’s why we took the hard job of writing emails and harnessed the power of AI to create a more efficient experience. Say hello to AI-generated email drafts, available now in EverTrue! Combining AI with the data in EverTrue, we auto-draft meeting requests, thank-you notes, and stewardship touches and personalize them for each and every donor.

We understand the importance of being genuine in your communications, we know personalization is key. AI-Generated Emails are designed to assist and enhance your efforts, not replace them. You’re in control, and you should always add your personal touch to every message.

Forget to log an interaction after sending out that email, no problem! You’ll get a notification reminding you to add all the details!

Get ready for AI-Generated Emails in EverTrue

Update the EverTrue app on iOS or Android, visit a constituent profile, and tap that person’s email to see it in action.

We’re ready when you are!

We know every team is crafting its own policy when it comes to generative AI. With that in mind, we give you access to this new feature only when you give us the thumbs up. If you’re already taking advantage of our new AI-driven profile summaries, you will automatically have access to email templates. If you are new to our AI features, contact your EverTrue Customer Success Manager or and we’ll get you up and running.

AI-generated emails are available on both web and mobile devices.

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