Easy donor videos for gift officers

We just launched a new feature in our personalized video tool that allows fundraisers to record one-off videos for your donors without having to build and configure an entire ThankView campaign! This flow allows you to quickly copy and paste a thumbnail preview, description, and landing page link into your own emails. Easy donor videos for gift officers are here!

On a recent RAISE Podcast episode, the President and CEO of Kansas State University Greg Willems talked about the many potential distractions that threaten to keep fundraisers away from fundraising. He shared that the key to tuning out the noise is to “keep a laser focus on the air and water.” For fundraisers, those are:

  1. Getting meetings.
  2. Conducting meetings.
  3. Following up on meetings.

We just launched a new feature in our donor video platform, ThankView by EverTrue, to cut out the administrative tasks that threaten to crowd fundraisers’ plates and keep them focused on what they are hired to do (and love doing): building relationships!

We created this new feature in ThankView so that fundraisers can jump into the platform, record a video, copy and paste the link into their own email, and press send, all in a matter of minutes. This means that fundraisers can enjoy all the benefits of ThankView (personalized videos to celebrate gift anniversaries, birthdays, major gifts, job changes, etc.) without having to build a more detailed video campaign with all the ThankView bells and whistles. 

(Note: We love the ThankView campaign bells and whistles. But there’s a time and place for everything, and fundraisers on-the-go need to be able to quickly record + send… even from their phones!) 

Mike 1:1 ThankView
Sample 1:1 ThankView

Here’s how ThankView 1:1 videos work, in practice.

So, you’re a fundraiser. You just finished a great phone call with a donor, or you received a generous gift, and want to send a quick thank-you. Handwritten notes and follow-up emails are a nice touch, but there’s really nothing that could beat a recorded video message from you, a real live human, sent right to the donor’s inbox.

All you have to do is log in to ThankView, click the option to record a “1:1 Video,” record a heartfelt thanks, and copy and paste the link into your email (gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, you choose). The video will automatically populate as an animated thumbnail in your email (example below), and when your donor clicks on it, it’ll take them out to a landing page.

Quick. Simple. Personalized. And keeps you (the fundraiser) fundraising.  

This feature is also available on mobile web, so you can film a video for a donor from a memorable spot on campus, while you’re on the airplane traveling home from a meeting (airplane mode, please), or while you’re walking down the street. Just copy and paste the recording link right into your email and let your beautiful animated thumbnail do the rest.

Oh! Want to know who’s watching your videos? We thought you might. ThankView 1:1 video metrics will give you the lowdown on which donors watched your videos.

“I am so extremely grateful for mobile 1:1 ThankView. I used it all week and it worked effortlessly. It made my life so much easier.”
Danielle Locken, TWU
Danielle Locken
Assistant Director, Donor Experience, Texas Woman's University

Are you a fundraiser who’s ready to clear your plate, stay focused on fundraising, AND take advantage of the power of personalized video? Easy donor videos for fundraisers are here!

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