Fresh Beginnings: Latest Product News for the New Year

We’re excited to kickstart 2024 with a burst of innovation and a trove of updates just for you. Here’s to a year filled with possibilities, growth, and new horizons (ahem, we’re bringing to life the first-ever Donor Experience Platform)!  Get ready, it’s going to be the best year yet!

New Anti-Spam Standards are coming – we’re helping you prepare!

In February Google and Yahoo are rolling out new email authentication and spam prevention requirements for bulk email senders. (psst, that’s you!) We know how important it is that your messages make it to the inboxes you send them to. So we want to help you navigate these changes and keep your ThankView account in tip-top shape. 

Our amazing customer enablement team has put together what you need, all in one place. You can reference information about the changes, frequently asked questions, and coming soon a recording of the webinar where we walked through what the upcoming changes mean for you. Jump in and check it out!

If you still have questions, no problem! We are always here to help. Give us a shout at support@thankview and we’ll be in touch.

ThankView Updates

New 1:1 Video Feature Enhancements

We made a splash with ThankView 1:1 Video last year but we continue to work behind the scenes, bringing you new enhancements to help you customize 

Here’s what’s new:

  • Say hello to 1:1 video edit options! You can now easily access video edit options within 1:1 video. No more going to the main video library for these features!
  • Turn the Call-to-Action button on or off!  Looking to just say hello without any follow up required? We’ve given you more customization options by letting you decide when you want to use a call to action button—or not!
  • Have it your way! With the new “Make Default” checkbox, you can set your favorite landing page options as your default, alleviating steps and saving time!

Introducing Magic Link

Have you ever tried to log in to something on your phone but can’t remember the password that’s saved on your computer? [Sad trombone music plays] Or maybe you’ve simply forgotten your password after you’ve been out for a couple weeks on holiday break… (We’ve been there!)

That’s why we are excited to share Magic Link with you! With Magic Link you can have a one time link sent to you to login from wherever you are. At a basketball game? Concert? Special Event? Capture unforgettable moments wherever you are and share them with your donors who would love to be there.

Balance by EverTrue

Our development team has been hard at work on a Balance Refresh! We’ll be transitioning current customers throughout the year in phases. Our support team members will be reaching out when it’s your turn! Stay tuned.

Upcoming Product Trainings

Noteworthy Blog Updates

  • It’s a New Year, a time to learn new things. Jump in and take a look at our blog, learn new ways to use EverTrue and how our customers are finding success.

    • Donor meeting canceled? No problem.
      Canceled donor meetings are disappointing, but they’re just a part of life. Mobile-friendly technology can turn donor meeting cancellations into an opportunity to connect with folks that have fallen through the cracks for years. Read more.
    • Annual Giving + Prospect Management = Success at Tufts
      On the latest episode of our DXbyET series, EverTrue’s Maureen Camerato went behind-the-scenes of Tufts’ Donor Experience program to unpack the close collaboration between annual giving and prospect management that has made the program a success. Read more.

Webinar Watch

Take a look at what’s in the works this month!

Start your year with a standout strategy. Join us on January 16th as we team up with Dana Sydner of Positive Equation to share how to masterfully blend email and direct mail for maximum impact. Explore inspiring case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of creative direct mail pieces and compelling video thank you campaigns.

Customer Corner

You are at the heart of the work we do every day. You are working hard to change lives and we love to highlight the great work you’re doing. 

Texas Christian University needed an innovative approach to direct mail for their annual 24-hour giving campaign, TCU Gives Day. With primary goals of securing early gifts, increasing awareness of the event, and connecting with constituents without active email addresses, TCU utilized Pledgemine by EverTrue to implement a multi-channel strategy. This departure from the standard direct mail approach used in previous years led to some pretty amazing results. Read more.

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