Hybrid work advice from the University of Texas, El Paso

Jake Logan and Annie Quade, UTEP

Our CEO Brent Grinna recently chatted with Jake Logan, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, and Annie Quade, Associate Vice President of Advancement Strategy and Engagement at the University of Texas at El Paso. Catch the full episode here, or listen below!


The “Great (Advancement) Resignation” is a non-problem for the advancement team at the University of Texas, El Paso. In fact, over the last three years, the UTEP team has doubled in size. Rather than losing amazing team members, they are having to turn away amazing applicants because there is simply more demand to join the UTEP team than there are open spots on the crew.

Why is that? On a recent episode of the RAISE Podcast, Brent aimed to find out.

Currently, Jake Logan sits in El Paso where he leads a stellar, mission-driven, growing team. And Annie Quade (mostly) sits on her family’s 30-acre farm in Missouri, from where she drives culture and strategy at UTEP with a specific mission to be “the best advancement operation in the nation to work for.”

The big topic on the table during this conversation is hybrid and remote work. Over the last three years, when other advancement shops have seen more than 60% turnover, the UTEP team has had big growth and nearly zero regrettable turnover. Each position and each individual is considered in light of the right mix of remote and on-campus work for that specific person in that specific role.

What are the key ingredients to this remote/hybrid success, and what can other teams learn from the logistics and strategy of a flexible work approach?

Tune into this enlightening conversation about the correlation between freedom and performance, the nuances of a hybrid work environment, and how culture eats “the way we’ve always done it” for breakfast.

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