5 donor engagement campaigns to launch in 2024

Time is of the essence when it comes to donor engagement, and setting up personalized video campaigns might sound like a daunting task. But fear not! We’re about to unveil a game-changing strategy to engage supporters throughout the year, minus the hours of manual labor!

Picture this: 5 personalized video campaigns, each designed to tug at the heartstrings of specific donor groups. The best part? You can set up each campaign in just one day. It’s true – you only need one day to connect, engage, and inspire your donors.

Additionally, we’ll sprinkle in ideas of how to bridge the digital and physical worlds, creating an unforgettable experience for your supporters by adding direct mail into the mix, too.

Let’s go!

1. Welcome first-time donors

A monumental moment in any donor’s journey: their first gift!

Extend a warm welcome to your first-time donors by saying “You’re officially part of the family!” Share impactful stories, showcase upcoming projects, and make them feel like rock stars for joining your cause.

See how the team at Bentley celebrates new donors’ first gifts with a video that shares just how important their generosity is. This email achieved an 85% open rate!

Follow Bentley’s lead by creating a video that feels relevant, but does not include time-sensitive information so it remains usable for years.

2. Celebrate career changes

Colleges and Universities pride themselves on providing the degree that shapes the career arcs of their graduates. And yet, more than 95% of career updates from recent job-changers are not in a typical college’s database (source: EverTrue), resulting in missed acknowledgment opportunities. Let’s celebrate and throw some confetti for donors who’ve taken on a new role!

In just one month, the NC State team congratulated over 2,600 job changers via ThankView. These ThankView “congrats!” videos recieved a 73.4% average open rate and 34% click-through rate. After receiving their “congrats!”ThankView, 5 of these job changers (and counting!) have made an annual gift and137 updated their contact information.

3. Thank a Giving Day donor

Giving Days are focused on getting as many donations as possible in a short period of time, and often rely on crowdfunding. Share the instant impact of a donor’s gift – no matter if it’s $5 or $500 – and get them even more excited about the difference their gift is making. Encourage donors to share the importance of Giving Day with their friends and get ready to see those donations roll in.


The team at Davidson College achieved perfect pitch with this giving day thank you video:


Take your Giving Day promotion a step further with direct mail targeting constituents without a contactable email. Once they’ve made their gift online, you’ll have a new email address to send a personalized video to!

The team at Texas Christian University used direct mail to promote their day of giving. Learn more.

4. Re-engage LYBUNTS and SYBUNTS on their gift anniversary

Ongoing support from your donors is critical (we see you, retention warriors!). Using video is a straightforward and uber-personal way to show gratitude and showcase the noteworthy milestones achieved with their support. Putting the spotlight on the success stories that come from their generosity allows them to take center stage in the narrative and provides a perfect opportunity for a gentle nudge, encouraging them to renew their support or participate in upcoming events. 

This example of the University of Alabama’s gift anniversary ThankView is sure to provide some inspiration.

Combine this digital campaign with direct mail to engage even more donors.

Hope College's direct mail Gift Anniversary campaign was a roaring success, achieving a 100:1 return on investment! Learn more.

5. Throw your donors a mini birthday party! 🥳

What’s one thing that every single one of your donors is guaranteed to have? A birthday! Set up a recurring campaign to make your supporters feel the love from your organization. Maybe this celebration comes in the form of a special message from someone impacted by their generosity, or maybe it’s a fun (and reusable) video featuring your mascot, or maybe it’s you, putting a friendly face to your organization.

Use a mini whiteboard to write a personal that will show up in the video thumbnail.

In a nutshell, all of these campaigns can be set up and sent out same-day, making them a low-lift touchpoint that speak to your donors’ hearts. Map out your strategy, start recording, and let the power of personalized video help crush your 2024 fundraising goals!

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