Experience the Latest Innovations in Signal by EverTrue

At EverTrue, we’re constantly evolving the technology that supports your donor engagement efforts. Today, we’re excited to share the latest updates to our Signal platform, designed to streamline your processes and amplify your impact. Let’s dive into the specifics of these new features, thoughtfully crafted to enhance your donor engagement strategy. Let’s dive in!

Revamped Home Page

We’ve transformed the Signal home page into a more dynamic, user-friendly dashboard that immediately connects you with your most critical tasks. This redesigned home page is tailored to set you up for success every day. Review your daily tasks, stay ahead of upcoming milestones, and enjoy quick access to your assigned constituents—all from a single, centralized location. This not only saves time but also increases your team’s effectiveness by keeping important objectives in clear view.

Strategic Workflows

Signal’s new strategic workflows, featuring Cadences and Tasks, are designed to eliminate the clutter and confusion of scattered processes. Cadences help you implement meticulously planned outreach strategies, ensuring consistent and polite persistence across your donor base. Tasks enable you to create, track, and collaborate on activities seamlessly with your team. Together, these tools integrate your workflow within a single platform, allowing for a more organized and impactful approach to donor engagement.

Effortless Communication

We’ve enhanced Signal with built-in emailing and calling features to make communication with donors straightforward and effective. Utilize customizable email templates and benefit from AI-powered drafting support to craft messages that resonate with individual donors. Integrated phone functionalities mean you can make calls directly from the platform, ensuring you can reach out to donors at just the right moment. These tools are designed to personalize your outreach and make every interaction count.

Track Your Progress

Our updated intuitive Clarity dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of your fundraising campaigns, enabling you to monitor progress towards your goals and strategize accordingly. These dashboards help you identify key relationships and opportunities, offering insights that empower you and your team to make informed decisions. With this data, you can continually refine your approaches and tactics, ensuring that your fundraising efforts are as effective as possible.

These new features in Signal by EverTrue are more than just enhancements—they’re a transformation in how advancement teams manage their work and engage with donors. Designed to streamline your operations, enhance communication, and provide valuable insights, these updates are integral to driving success in your fundraising initiatives.

As you explore these new capabilities, we’re here to support and guide you in leveraging them to their fullest potential. For a deeper dive into how these features can revolutionize your donor engagement strategy, schedule a demo here.

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