Knowledge is power

We give fundraisers the tools
and insights they need

What is EverTrue? By connecting your database with insights from across the web, EverTrue’s products deliver the most information about every constituent in a mobile, easy-to-use fundraising platform.


Your carefully curated constituent data


Combined with your constituents’ digital footprint


A living record with fresh information at your fingertips

Here’s just a taste of what
we bring to the table

“I travel without paper.”

– Anthony Barbuto, Boston University

All these insights everywhere you go. We’re the leading mobile solution for fundraisers using Blackbaud, Ellucian, Salesforce, or any other major database.

“EverTrue brings actionable information to our fundraisers in a user-friendly way.”

– Julie Featherstone, University of Virginia

We clear the path for your entire fundraising team to reach their full potential. The more information at your fingertips, the more effectively your team can understand who your prospects are and what interests them.

“We’re no longer reliant on static profiles or printed constituent records.”

– Chris Campbell, Oklahoma State University

We make it incredibly easy to create and target outreach based on interest, engagement, history, and more with continually updated TrueView data. 

– Natalee Martin, University of Connecticut

Trip planning and portfolio management that’s simple and incredibly powerful. Automatically guide fundraisers’ daily activities and manage teams.

“EverTrue represents a leap forward for alumni relations and development.”

– Andrew Gossen, Cornell University

EverTrue is the only platform that lets teams identify and track Facebook interactions while also delivering new career info, event management, and next-level segmentation. 

“EverTrue equips our volunteers with the tools to select, strategize, and interact with their prospects.”

– Ellen Roof, University of Notre Dame

Our volunteer management platform empowers volunteers to personalize every ask and harness volunteer insights across the entire office. All without spreadsheets.