Announcing EverTrue for Annual Giving: An Online Giving Solution That Puts the Donor First

As I shared in my letter to the advancement community last month, our goal at EverTrue has always been to bring the latest mobile, digital, and social trends to mission-driven organizations.

Along the way, we began to ask ourselves: how can we apply these trends to annual giving? How can we equip your office with the technology you need to boost participation? And how can we give your donors the simple, personalized online giving experience they’ve come to expect?

Meet EverTrue for Annual Giving, our new online giving solution. Developed in collaboration with online payment platform Stripe and annual fund leaders at our customer institutions, this is your “mission control center” for all-things online giving—from annual campaigns to giving days to crowdfunding.

For the Donor

A Seamless Giving Experience

According to the Education Advisory Board’s 2016 report (“Winning Donor Mindshare in the Attention Economy”), over 50% of prospective donors who visit giving pages don’t convert.

This isn’t too much of a surprise when you consider EAB’s next finding: the more form fields on a giving page, the lower the conversion rate.

With EverTrue for Annual Giving, we’re helping you focus on the donor first. No more lengthy giving pages with dozens of form fields; no more jumping through hoops to make a donation. We started with the minimum-required fields to process a gift and built our giving pages from there.


Elegant and easy-to-navigate on both desktop and mobile, our pages allow constituents to make a donation in under a minute. That’s six times faster than the average of two minutes and 35 seconds it takes to make an online gift to an institution.*

Every interaction that a donor has with your institution counts. Your giving page is absolutely a part of that.

*Based on an EverTrue analysis of the general giving pages of 60 academic institutions.

For Your Institution

Personalize and Target Your Appeals

Earlier this year, we sent out a survey to thousands of advancement professionals. One question we asked was “What word resonates the most as you think about the future of advancement?”

The number one response was personalization. And it’s true—your alumni expect to be engaged on a personal level. With so many organizations competing for their attention, they may take their philanthropy elsewhere if you can’t deliver on this front.

EverTrue for Annual Giving helps you provide that kind of personalized experience. Using our filters, you can quickly build donor segments (e.g., “Graduates ‘00-’16 engaged on Facebook” or “Non-donors who work in finance”) for each of the groups you’d like to target with an ask. Then you can create giving pages tailored to their affinities—or for specialized campaigns—so that donors are landing on a page with content that’s relevant to their experiences and interests.

Create as many pages as you need; it’s a self-service platform and you can easily upload imagery, edit the text, customize ask amounts, and add designations.


Increase Conversions With Powerful Analytics

Without great data, it’s hard for you to execute on your goals as a fundraiser. You need robust data on not just your constituents, but also on the performance of your appeals and campaigns.

That’s why we’ve built powerful, real-time data analytics into our online giving solution.

Are you spending time and resources on the right prospects? With our Annual Giving Score—the first ever to combine your donor data with insights from Facebook and LinkedIn—you’ll know exactly who to prioritize when the clock is ticking.


And the analytics become even more powerful once your campaign is live. In addition to total donor and dollar counts, you’ll be able to measure conversion at each stage in the funnel.

Who clicked on the link in your appeal? Who started the form? Who abandoned before completing a gift? Just as you might get an “abandoned cart” email from Amazon, you can use these analytics to remarket to donors who have fallen off during the giving process.


Best-in-Class Gift Processing

Time and again, we’ve heard that gift processing is wrought with challenges like operational headaches and complex reconciliation procedures.

Our integration with Stripe says goodbye to those challenges. Trusted by thousands of companies due to their commitment to security, Stripe provides an amazing payment experience for your donors and a seamless processing workflow for your office. Plus, we make reconciliation a breeze with automatic donation matching and the ability to easily export data.


I couldn’t end this post without putting a spotlight on the incredible results one of our customers, Williams College, has experienced since adopting EverTrue for Annual Giving. As Williams’ Laura Day shared with us, using EverTrue increased donor conversions by 36% over their legacy giving page.

[show-testimonials alias=’williams-1′]

We were fortunate to have Laura share her story at our industry conference, Raise 2016 (joined by Stripe’s Jeanne DeWitt and EverTrue’s Jesse Bardo). You can watch excerpts from the talk right here:


We are excited to add EverTrue for Annual Giving to our suite of solutions for advancement teams and welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can meet your institution’s online giving needs. To request a demo, please visit this page.

Brent Grinna is the CEO and Founder of EverTrue. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter @brentgrinna.

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