This Month’s New EverTrue Features

We get our best ideas from EverTrue users. Everything in this update began as an idea or a piece of feedback from one (or more) of our awesome partners.

Once we start building a new feature, we test everything alongside our customers. From the initial designs to working out hiccups through beta testing, we go through rounds of user-driven revisions. That means your colleagues have helped build everything you’ll see in this post (and everything you’ll ever see from EverTrue).

We’re building software for advancement alongside advancement teams. We love doing it this way.

Have an idea or a suggestion? Let me know and I’ll make sure your feedback gets straight to our team as we work out what to build next.

Eben Pingree, VP of Product



Relationship Management: Automatically Send Contact Reports from Gift Officers Directly to Your Database!

Gift officer entering contact report on smartphone

We worked with UConn (Blackbaud Enterprise CRM) and the University of Rochester (Ellucian CRM Advance) on this one.

Sign up for a webinar with UConn on Wednesday, July 11 at 2 p.m. to hear how they’re combining technology (EverTrue with Blackbaud’s CRM) to unleash the full potential of their frontline fundraisers.

After a visit, gift officers from U of R and UConn enter or dictate an interaction into EverTrue. Now, not only are those contact reports immediately searchable in EverTrue, but they automatically flow back into each school’s underlying database.

That’s right. Round-trip contact reports are now available in EverTrue.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or to get on the waiting list to start automating contact reports at your institution!

Keep reading for even more new goodies for gift officers.



Everyone: Gift Transactions

Here’s one of the biggest and arguably most-requested features we’ve rolled out. (Shoutout to Williams College, The College of Saint Rose, and Concordia University, St. Paul among others for their work in putting this together!)

Gift Transactions — EverTrue now allows you to display and search for additional information about every gift transaction, including any and all gift designations.

Gift Transactions on a Profile in EverTrue

This is a great way to track hard or soft credits from individual donors and quickly see if the last transaction was a new gift, a foundation gift, or a matching gift. You don’t have to head back to your database to confirm past giving information anymore. It’s all visible in EverTrue.

Now that you can search on past gift designations, you can create better lists for campaign outreach, easily identify the affinity of major gift prospects, improve annual fund segmentation, empower your stewardship team, and so much more. The opportunities are endless.

In order to activate these features, we need some additional data from your institution. Review our new data guide and talk to our support team at



Everyone: Gift Categories

Here’s another gift-related, feedback-driven update we worked on with the help of Milton Academy and others.

Gift Categories — We know everyone wants more giving information in EverTrue. Now, we’re proud to announce you can import up to five different, searchable gift categories. A category is a new set of our standard giving fields (Last Gift, Largest Gift, Lifetime Giving, and FY totals), but with a narrower lens applied, such as Annual Fund-only giving.

Gift Categories in EverTrue

This is a simple way to track the most important gift categories (athletic or campaign-related giving, for example) and allow your EverTrue users quickly toggle between them rather than always viewing total giving across all initiatives.

Talk to our support team at to enable this feature (it works with edits to your existing data file) and we’ll help you get everything set up.



Volunteer Management: Pool-based Metrics

We think modern technology can solve a lot of problems, including recruiting great fundraising volunteers, equipping them with real-time info, and reporting on their progress.

With Volunteer Management, we’re helping schools do just that. New this month: Admins can quickly look at a pool and check progress to date, track assignments, and report on participation and total dollars.

Reporting in Volunteer Management

The University of Notre Dame, Whitman College, Wheaton College (MA), Millbrook School, Marlborough School (CA), and others can’t get enough credit for helping us build the most powerful, most versatile volunteer fundraising software out there.



Eventbrite Unmatched Engagers

We integrate with Eventbrite so you can use their fabulous platform to manage and promote your events. By pulling registration information into EverTrue, you can share critical engagement information with your entire team in real-time.

But sometimes your constituents register for an event using an email address you don’t already have in your system. That’s great, because you’re getting new contact information, but it also was tricky to keep track of registrations.

Problem solved. You can now manually match event attendees even if their email address wasn’t already in your database or EverTrue. As soon as you connect an event response to a profile in EverTrue, that information appears on their record.

Match Eventbrite Attendees in EverTrue

We had lots of help with this one, so here’s a shoutout to Trinity University (in Texas), Williams College (again!), and others.


My Trips: Improved Reporting with Time Blocks, Sync Your Calendar

If you’re using Relationship Management for trip-planning, you can now block off chunks of time on your calendar. These time blocks don’t count as prospect visits, so they help improve reporting on trips while still keeping you on track and up to date.

So go ahead and block off time in My Trips for recording contact reports, catching up with a colleague, or getting place-to-place. And when you do, be sure to thank The Rams Club (UNC), the Virginia Athletics Foundation, Wells College, and Phillips Academy!

We also recently added a new process to sync your calendar to EverTrue. Review information on that update and make sure you’ve updated your calendar.


Check out our previous product update to learn more about other new features like our new single sign-on offering, syncing your calendar, and more updates to Volunteer Management and Online Giving.

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