Volunteer Management

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With EverTrue, turn 1:1 volunteer outreach into a meaningful impact. Manage your workflow without spreadsheets, empower volunteers to personalize every ask, and harness volunteer insights across the entire office.

  • Identify and manage volunteers more efficiently
  • Capture prospect intelligence from volunteers
  • Empower volunteers with easy-to-use tools
  • Track volunteer activity and results


Identify New Volunteers

Build an army of passionate volunteers. In EverTrue, filter across your entire constituency to find engaged alumni who can help spread your mission.

  • 40+ filters
  • Saved lists

Organize Volunteers and Prospects Without Spreadsheets

Group volunteers and prospects into affinity, class, or reunion-based pools and then easily create assignments. It’s all your administrative tools, all in one platform.

  • Flexible pool creation
  • Assignment management

Capture Prospect Insights from Volunteers

Don’t let volunteer work sit in a silo. When a volunteer logs a prospect interaction, the interaction flows into EverTrue so anyone in your office can take advantage of the data.

  • Interaction logging
  • Keyword interactions search

Know How Volunteers Are Performing

Is your program driving fundraising results? Monitor dollars raised, participation, and volunteer activity to ensure you’re on track to meet program goals.

  • Pool-level analytics
  • Volunteer activity tracking


Introducing Volunteer by EverTrue—a platform that makes it easy for volunteers to reach out to peers in a personal and authentic way. Volunteer by EverTrue has all the tools volunteers need to make effective asks, log interactions, and see the impact of their work.


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