Unleash Text Message Outreach with Our New Hustle Integration

If we were really clever, we would’ve texted this post out. People are more likely to read a text than a blog. But this is going to be a little wordy for a text, so, here we are. Anyway, what we’re talking about is going to help you text more and blog (and email and call) less.

We’re super excited to announce our new integration with Hustle is now available. Now. Like…right now.

We’d heard from customer after customer talk about their wish to personalize texting at scale. Well, now you can.

Hustle is the leading texting platform for the higher education sector. With their technology, alumni relations staff, annual giving fundraisers, volunteers, and more can directly connect with constituents on the channel they’re most likely to engage with. And you can do it all at scale, so you’ll never have to sacrifice reach for results.

Remember earlier when we said people are more likely to read a text than a blog? According to Hustle 90% of of one-to-many text messages are opened and read and that 80% of responses come within the first hour.

Our new integration maps the conversations you have with people via Hustle back to EverTrue. Every exchange is tracked right back to the constituent’s record, much like a new contact report. You can search past conversations, use those text exchanges to segment by interest, track engagement, and more.

Which means it’s time to start dreaming up text message outreach plans. We’re sure you’ll do a better job being succinct than we were here.

If you want to read the Very Official Press Release, go for it. If you can’t wait another second to set up your Hustle integration, check this out or contact your Customer Success Manager.

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