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EverTrue and Hustle Announce New Integration

This is a group chat you’ll want to join.

Today EverTrue announced a new integration on its platform, partnering with Hustle to offer advancement offices powerful insight into text message conversations with their constituents. By integrating with Hustle, the largest provider of peer-to-peer text messaging for nonprofits and educational institutions, EverTrue gives institutions access to yet another personal data point revealing an alum’s connection to their alma mater.

Using EverTrue to search for and read text message communication carried out with Hustle, advancement offices and gift officers get another brushstroke on the picture of their constituents so they can better segment, target and personalize their approach to outreach. With the ability to search and sort texts by keyword, such as professor name, sport or event, organizations can act on text message data at scale. By teaming up, EverTrue and Hustle make it easier for organizations to bring text message interactions to the forefront of fundraising efforts as they already are in donors’ personal lives.

With the integration, EverTrue clients can identify and reach alumni who are most receptive to communication through Hustle. Through this donor-centric approach, schools can reach alumni where they are and through a channel they prefer.

Williams College, which used the integration during its beta trial, has already harnessed the power of having Hustle data added to the full profile of their constituents on EverTrue. After gift officers or volunteers use Hustle to reach out to individuals, Laura Day, Director of Annual Giving, can harness the interaction and run with it.

“Even having access to Hustle in EverTrue for such a brief period of time has already been incredibly valuable,” said Day. “Just the other day we were able to update an alum’s bio with critical information based on a text exchange they had with a volunteer through Hustle. Those are the types of cracks we’ve never been able to fill before.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with EverTrue to help advancement teams do even more with their alumni and student programs,” said Roddy Lindsay, CEO of Hustle. “This partnership truly reinvents how schools can use and leverage real-time data and insights, as well as personalized texting campaigns and conversations to take alumni relationships to the next level.”

EverTrue CEO Brent Grinna echoed those comments. “With the integration, EverTrue clients can identify and reach alumni who are most receptive to communication through Hustle. With another donor-centric approach available, schools can continue to increase their ability to reach alumni where they are, and through a channel they prefer, while providing actionable insights for future fundraising efforts.”

About EverTrue

EverTrue is the leading advancement automation platform. Since 2010, EverTrue has been on a mission to build relationships in pursuit of a better world. Today, more than 300 institutions use EverTrue’s software and services to engage alumni, raise support and measure team progress in a user-friendly platform. EverTrue’s technology connects each department with best-in-class insights and each other, giving teams the tools they need to manage relationships across the giving pyramid and grow donations faster. EverTrue is headquartered in Boston, MA and is backed by University Ventures and Bain Capital Ventures. Visit EverTrue on the web at and follow on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Hustle

Hustle is a peer-to-peer messaging platform that enables schools to deepen alumni engagement through personal texting conversations at scale. Hustle works because alumni read and respond to text messages—and to communication that feels more personal. Hustle enhances school outreach strategies by cutting through the noise and reaching donors where they are. For more information about Hustle, visit