Just Launched: Get a Free Trial of Volunteer

Wow wow wow. What a big day.

We’re not usually in the habit of doing this kind of thing, but we’re delighted to announce that we just launched a completely and totally FREE 90-day trial of Volunteer.

Volunteer is specifically designed to help you keep track of the many moving parts that come along with a volunteer program. The best part? You can do it without a single messy spreadsheet in sight.

This free trial is meant for anyone who either has a volunteer program already in place or is thinking about getting one off the ground. We’ll immediately pull all your existing EverTrue data into Volunteer so you can get to work right away on real-deal projects. (Which reminds us: You will need to have the core EverTrue platform already in place to be eligible for this trial.)

What are the main attractions of the trial? Glad you asked.

Real, Live Data

What’s better than data being all over the place and having to pull it manually every time you want it? When it’s in one place and it updates automatically.

So that’s what you’ll get! You can quickly and easily see reporting on volunteer pools, assignments and even how individual volunteers are performing.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Volunteers can suggest data updates to your database based on their conversations to make sure things are constantly kept current on your side.

Data. We love it. And we love it even more when it’s easy to work with.

All the Tools Volunteers Need to Do Their Thing

You’re empowering your volunteers to go out and represent your school. Now you can really empower them.

You choose what data you want to show volunteers, and once you do they can access the up-to-date information they need whenever they need it. They can also log notes and activities related to their assignments and update a prospect’s current place in your custom-built stage spectrum.

Create templates or documentation and send them directly to your volunteers so they’re properly equipped. And let them pick all or some of their own assignments from prospect pools. (Or don’t if you prefer a little more control. That’s totally cool, too.)

Administration Has Never Been Easier

Volunteer programs have a lot of moving parts. We make it a lot easier to manage all of them. Instead of requesting reports, administrators can define pools and assign prospects right in Volunteer, eliminating needless waiting times.

They can also track volunteer activity in real-time to see how they’re performing, how assignments are being distributed and see who might need a little more coaching. Just pull a report any time or schedule them for regular updates whenever you want.

And we didn’t forget about your ultimate goal, either. You’ll get notifications whenever a gift is closed, so you can celebrate with a bottle of bubbly. Or follow up with a thank you. Preferably both.

Last but the Opposite of Least

All that good stuff we’ve been talking about? It’s mobile and totally secure.

Both you and your volunteers can access all this stuff whenever and wherever with our mobile apps. Which is super helpful, since basically everything else in your life is on your phone, so why not this?

And because you don’t have to print out spreadsheets or attach them to emails, you know that everything will be as secure as can be.

We think Volunteer is great. We hope you will, too. And since we’re convinced that a volunteer program can be a huge asset for any fundraising team, we want to make sure you’ve got the chance to try it out! Take advantage of this Volunteer trial today.

Start Your Trial

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